Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Ballet

This past Sunday, Kennedy and I had what she kept referring to as "a Mommy & Kennedy date" . A few weeks ago, a local blog I follow advertised Beauty and the Beast ballet being performed by the Kentucky Ballet Theatre at The Lexington Opera House and I jumped on the chance to make that a special day with my big girl. Almost all of my Mommy friends have boys, but I do have one dear friend who has a little girl that I just knew would most likely enjoy this performance as much as Kennedy so I called her up and we made it a date!

After church I took Kennedy to lunch...just she and I. I didn't realize until I had all of that uninterrupted one on one time with her how much a) she REALLY needed/wanted it and b) how much I  have missed it. Now, I love our family time to pieces, but I think it's good to do stuff with your kids individually and I realized that day the only individual time I'd really had with the girls were related to only taking one to the grocery rather than both (well, I'm sure that's a real special treat for them, you know?) Anyhow - I was SO glad we made it happen because we had such a great and special time.

Here we are at Rafferty's (her choice: yum!) on the patio - we were the only ones out there when we first got there and the weather was amazing!

Sweet girl

The girls at the ballet - they LOVED it and we Mommies loved watching their faces!
Me and my girl

Our sweet dear friends:
The Opera House is gorgeous inside and out so I snapped a couple pictures of the girls outside before we left:

After the ballet, we took the girls to a sweet little cupcake and frozen yogurt shop called Naticakes. After they finished their yogurt they danced and spun all over the shop - it was so cute! They both really enjoyed it and I did too - it was a really sweet performance. Kennedy had some funny questions about why they were wearing certain things and why they were dancing certain ways but mostly she completely followed it all and related it back to the Disney movie...pretty impressive!

After the excitement of the day..this happened on the way home and I couldn't help but snap a picture real quick:
Our seats were wonderful - we were so close to the stage. I've never been to a ballet like that before and I was a bit concerned it may not be as "kid friendly" as I'd hoped but it totally was - tons of kids were there! I see many more of these in our future as special "dates".

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  1. How fun! I can't wait to do fun dates like that in the future!!