Tuesday, February 28, 2012

16 & 32

It is so incredibly hard for me to believe that this sweet little pea is going to be one year old in TWO DAYS! I know we say it and you hear it all the time but Oh.My.Word it flew by ~ way more so with Avery than with Kennedy. She is so sweet and smiley and lovable. I am just adoring every minute of watching her little personality develop. She and Kennedy couldn't be more opposite (seriously) so I'm just excited to see how this unfolds as the years go by. We thought Avery had changed so much in her looks that she really wasn't looking so much like Kennedy anymore and then we got out Kennedy's babybook over the weekend ~ they still TOTALLY look alike. Avery is pulling up on everything and cruising like it's her job so I'm pretty confident we'll have a walker soon!
Not this past weekend, but the weekend prior Janine and Josh came down to visit and Janine and I got to celebrate our birthdays together. We had such an awesome time with them (as we always do) and it was so good to spend some time with sweet little Keagan. He's changed so much since we saw him last and he's just a doll - ALL BOY ;). When Kennedy first saw him she said "Mom, he's gotten so big" and then she started baby talking him and saying "you can hold my blanket or hold my kitty cat if you want to". Precious!
Despite me trying my hardest to get Keagan and Avery playing together the two of them were so all over the place that it was a lost cause. I did get some cute pictures of Avery cheesing between outfit changes.
Aside from just enjoying Janine's company it was neat being together this time because we are both pregnant and not only both pregnant - we are both 16 weeks pregnant! She mentioned wanting to do belly pics while she was here (together) and I was like "Awesome please stand me - squatty little rotund Lindsy next to long and lean Janine" but then I decided I didn't care because it was all too cool to pass up a photo opp like this one:
It's just a really neat blessing that we are pregnant and due at the same time. I swear she was meant to be a Stewart sister and being pregnant at the same time is just another thing to draw us closer (which I truthfully didn't think was humanly possible). I love it!
I hope our kids love each other as much as we do and from the looks of it...they will:
We hired a sitter to watch the kids while we all went out to dinner at a local steakhouse. The meal was so amazing and we ate and laughed until it hurt and just had an awesome time. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend.
On Sunday we met Abby and Jonathan for lunch. Abby is (ironically enough) pregnant and due the same EXACT week as Janine and I. I obviously have known that for a while, but when we were all sitting around the table for lunch and then posing for a picture afterwards together it was just so awesome - I mean, what are the chances?!  It's seriously once in a lifetime people! Love both of these girls and so thrilled we are all doing this together - just makes it even more special and fun!
No offense Abby, and I totally know and admit that I'm shorter - but it's super nice to have someone "on my level" in this picture and Janine - I didn't even notice til' I posted this that you're totally slouching: LOVE YOUR HEART! Rock that height sister - I wish I had some!
The next week Billie, Abby and Jes took me out for a birthday dinner at Copper River. The food was so yummy and they got me the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts - not to mention delicious cupcakes from Caramandas Bakery: yum! Jes is due any day now and Emalyn is still itty bitty so it was nice to just all get out and visit and have girlie time.
I've been thankful this year that I was born in 80'....makes it easier (now that I'm a Mom and birthdays aren't near as a big of a deal to me personally) to actually remember how old I am. Almost as hard as it is to believe Avery's almost one...equally hard to believe I just turned 32...wowsers! I'm feeling very blessed and thankful for all the lovin' I got for my birthday. Thirty two is looking like a good year - sure to be an exciting one...bring it on!

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  1. SO, not only am I slouching, but I am squatting!!!! Yup, I am a good 4 inches or so TALLER than I look in this pic. WOW. I loved our weekend of birthdays and hope we can still make it happen when we are 80 and 82 :) Except, God forbid, no pregnant bellies!!!! Love you so so so much.