Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Times

Yesterday morning was Kennedy's first soccer "practice". Since this is our first soccer experience with her, I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was cute and she seemed to really enjoy herself.

They started out just letting all the kids have a turn kicking the ball in the goal and then they practiced throw-ins and finished with some dribbling. Aside from her not being prepared for the whole "don't use your hands to stop the ball" thing I think she did really good. She was up for each new task and did it with enthusiasm. At times like those I am so thankful that she just jumps right in and goes with the flow because it's neat to watch her have new experiences and just be eager to "play".

Here are some pictures and videos:

*Please note the way she puts her hands on her hips after making her goal and then the way she looks over for parental approval. Too cute!

*I came out for the assist during the dribbling exercise - I was worried we may have some broken bones at the end of it if I didn't intercede. =)

After soccer, we stopped by and saw Matt, Sara Beth and baby Ruthie. She is so tiny and so precious and we were glad we could drop them a meal by because Lord knows that whole infant stage is exhausting and the LAST thing you want to do is cook but you sure do wanna eat, Amen? Their little family is doing well! I wish we'd taken pictures but I was too busy talking to remember to get the camera out while I was there. Figures!

Last night, Tim went and hung out with Jonathan and Derek and all three kiddos while Billie, Abby and I went out for some shopping and dinner. The two of them graciously invited me to go out and celebrate the upcoming arrival of our family addition. We hit up Old Navy and got some super good deals and then had dinner at Saul Good where it's literally ALL GOOD. So yummy! We had a really nice time talking about life in general, labor, babies, being working mommies, was just a good time. They gave me a super nice and thoughtful gift basket full of all kinds of goodies for the baby. The two things I'm most excited about - the precious green lovey and the giraffe. The box itself is going to really handy in the nursery as well. They even paid for my dinner and our delicious desert pizza! Thanks girls - it really was so very kind of you both and I'm most appreciative!

Of course, after dinner I needed to get my Adayln snuggling fix because Lord knows I love me some baby lovin'. She is so good and so sweet and I could just eat her up. Kennedy was most intrigued with Adayln's paci  (shocking to all who know Kennedy, right?) and the following two things regarding that particular brand of paci seemed to further her intrigue:
1. you can see down into Adalyn's mouth when she is sucking on it
2. you can insert your finger into the nipple part and feel her little mouth
Both aforementioned facts were motivation enough for Kennedy to firmly plant herself next to me on the couch and proceed to hold the paci in Adalyns mouth......with some serious vigilance I might add. Adalyn didn't mind and in fact seemed to be quite in awe of Kennedy. She just stared at her and it was precious! See for yourself:

*Excuse my daughters hair - I suppose a few hours in a house full of boys (minus Miss Adalyn of course) = hair that is a HOT MESS!

Today we had church, a church luncheon and then small group tonight so it's been pretty busy but fun and full of lots of folks that we love! Our morning started out with some snuggling and just when I thought the Kennedy + Annie moments couldn't get any cuter.....they did:

Um...they're practically holding hands! Seriously?!?!? Love it!


  1. When I watched the video I caught the hands-on-hips moment...then read down and saw you commented on it! SO FUNNY!! And that giraffe may be your baby's best friend. It is definitely Keagan's favorite toy! He gets super excited when he sees it! (and to think we just bought it to spruce up his crib while in the NICU)

  2. I just love coming to your blog and seeing the sweet little Kennedy videos. She is SO precious. I love how she hopped her way back from the goal - ha ha.

    Looks like you were right-spoiled last night by Billie and Abby. What amazing friends you all are. I'm so glad that your kids are all going to grow up close in age!

    Have a wonderful week Lindsy!

  3. I LOVE all the pics! And the video...hahahaha. She just cracks me up!

  4. It was great to see y'all the other day and we greatly appreciated the food! It was delicious and all of it is gone!