Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Friends and Pics

We are at home sick today and it's dreadfully cold and snowy outside, so I figured I'd catch up on a bit of blogging. It's a random assortment really but there's lots of pictures :). 

My youngest (two-legged) and oldest (four-legged) have become the best of friends...and I mean BFF kind of friends - they snuggle, they watch cartoons, they "read" books, they put on makeup, they roam the halls playing follow the leader - it's adorable. I've tried to catch them doing all these things together on camera but it's a bit harder than you think because the four-legged feels the need to be pressed right up against you the minute you show your face in her near vicinity (purring and face rubbing as it were). Such a need to be near makes it difficult to catch these playful moments between she and Kennedy. I'm going to share the ones I have caught though...because they are just too sweet for words.

Did you say "awwww" several times? I too. Clearly the force is strong with this young one - the force of animal magnetism that is. I'd like to say "she got it from her momma".

On Tuesdays and Thursdays when I'm home with her - she'll go missing for a few minutes and I'll find her on her bed and when I open the door she'll say "Um...I'm just playing with Annie Momma - can you close the door?". There's no diss like one from your kid - especially when you're being dissed for a geriatric cat. Oh well.....

The next few pictures are from an event held at UK called Excite Night. It was the gymnastics team season opener and a mommy friend told me about it so we took Kennedy. The tickets were totally free from Chick-fil-A and hey - you can't beat free kid entertainment. It was really fun to watch and she was more into than I thought she'd be, being that she's in gymnastics classes herself she enjoyed watching the "big girl gymnasts". Of course she wanted every concession item that came by on a tray so we figured we'd try some cotton candy (she has quite the sweet tooth). The texture was a bit much for her though so I ended up rolling it into little balls and putting it into her mouth - the things you do as a Mommy, right? *you like my big pregnant belly in the picture - Tim said it was hard not to get it in the pictures - thanks honey.

These last two pics are from excite night too but she is rocking an adorable hat that my cousins friend hand-made. How precious is it? She needs to go into business, doesn't she?

On days that we are home, we get creative with what we do for entertainment. If it were up to Kennedy we'd watch Tom and Jerry ALL DAY LONG and clearly that's just not good so I normally try to play a few games and do a few crafts, sometimes we bake, etc. This day we bowled and she's in a phase where she likes to rock her princess heels for EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING.

She's a bit competitive - he he: (I don't know where she gets that;) so games can at times be short lived unless she's literally beating me to a pulp. I think we made it through 4 turns each on this day. You like the heel action?

I usually try to get outside with her when we can too - fresh air is good for the soul. She was having fun pushing "baby Avery" around on this day in her stroller. Chelsea gave her this baby for Christmas and when I told her she could name her whatever she wanted, she elected to name her what we plan to name our baby if it's a girl. So...we may have 2 baby Avery's in the Taylor household come my due date. =)

This last picture is one we took this week. A friend of mine told me about a little soccer class being given by the YMCA in Jessamine County. I was thrilled to hear about it because I started playing soccer when I was 3 and I am really hopeful that she will enjoy it as much as I did. I can see now how parents get a bit over exuberant with their kids athletic choices because I am PUMPED for her first practice. I promise not to be one of those parents if she doesn't like it but all my appendages will be crossed that she does - just keepin' it real folks! Her first practice is next Saturday and she is supposed to come with shin guards. Well - we got em':

Convincing her to leave the glass slippers at home....well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Happy Friday!


  1. Those pictures with Annie are so stinkin cute!! Can't wait to hear how soccer goes! :)

  2. Shin guards and glass slippers...awesome! I also like to walk around the house in heels (the ONLY place I walk in heels). It's good for the calves! And should I ever suddenly find myself on a runway or in a Mrs. America pageant I will know how to walk in heels...and so will Kennedy!!! :)