Monday, January 24, 2011

33 Weeks

I had intended to take a 32 week picture and that weekend we had company and I totally forgot.'s my 33 week picture. Although everyone close to me is nice enough to say "you're all belly", it's clear to me in these pictures the pregnancy is showing in more places than my belly but oh well. Par for the course, right ladies? We took the picture in the baby's room which is far from complete but I have a feeling it might stay partially incomplete until we know what the baby is. We did take a rocking chair that will go in the baby's room to be reupholstered this week and I am excited to see how it turns out. Other than that we're still in the market for several items to wrap the room up. 7 more weeks to go.....

Just for I am at 32 weeks with Kennedy:

BIG things happened between week 32-36 with Kennedy...stay tuned. =)


  1. Oh my word...I am so excited!!! You are so pretty and look great! And Kennedy in her skinny jeans...well that never gets old!

  2. Love the pics and the baby furniture. Do you have a "feeling" about what you're having? So excited for all of you Lindsy!!

  3. LOVE the fact that you are putting up comparison pics from baby to baby! That is pretty neat!!