Friday, January 7, 2011

I am happy to say we are home and have had a normal (well, routine-wise) week this week. Our post - holiday schedule was a bit nutty. I had an uncle pass away on Christmas Eve and as soon as we returned from Christmas I worked Monday-Wednesday and then hit the road for Alabama where the funeral was. The funeral was very nice and I am so glad I was able to go and just be there for the ceremony. He was a Veteran and a hero and I'm just thankful that he's with Jesus now....knowing a peace he's never known.

It was such a blessing that the Sunday before departing WV our little one went to stay with one of her favorite people in the whole world ~ CHELSEA!! The daycare was going to be closed on New Years Eve and Tim and I were both scheduled to work (clearly this was before my plans shifted for the AL trip). Anyhow - Chelsea was off work that entire week and offered to meet us between her house and my in-laws and take Kennedy back with her to Pennsylvania for the entire week. At first I was really unsure about being away from her all week but Tim and I quickly decided it would give us an incredible opportunity to get some things done around the house without a toddler underfoot and she'd be off having a blast so it was a win-win.
Thankfully, despite how chaotic that week became for us we were still able to get the crib set up in the nursery and move some furniture around to accomodate the upcoming need to transform our once guest room into the baby's room. Meanwhile Kennedy was living it up PA style:
She loves "exploring"
I swear her fascination with any body of water: creek, pond, lake, ocean, etc. never ends!
Holy Icicle!
I got daily updates from Chelsea while Kennedy was there and apparently she took quite a liking to Chelsea's brother-in-law Tyler. Gee....ya think? I'd say she looks down right smitten.
She loves Grandma Barb too - of course that love began way before this visit. She's spoiled her as if she's her own grandchild for quite some time now. :) Chelsea said in the morning she'd ask her where Barb and Dave were. Hilarious! You think she's won over some hearts or what?
It wouldn't be a proper trip to the farm without some fun in the mud I suppose.....
Oh...and a romp on some hay bales too....
She even made Jello Jigglers...a first for Kennedy.
Most of all I think she got some R&R with Chelsea!
Tim and I joked driving away from dropping her off with Chelsea that we better take advantage of the child-free time it would give us because with #2 on the way who knows when we'll get that opportunity again! We knew that she was not only in good hands but that she was having a blast and to the Rearick Family - we feel blessed to have you all in our lives. Thank you for taking in our baby for a week.

She seemingly didn't miss a beat - stayed on schedule and didn't cry for Mommy (much to my dismay - hee hee). She did, however, hug me tightly and stroke my arm all during luch after we picked her up. She let me know in her way that she had missed me and I treasured it!

The Sunday morning after we picked her up and were snuggling her in bed she said "Momma, where does Chelsea live again" and I answered "Pennsylvania". She said "oh...can I go back there tomorrow". I said - "no" and when she asked "why not" I replied "because I would miss you too much" and she said "oh...ok". I am glad that she has the bond she has with Chelsea...I couldn't feel more thankful for that relationship.  

We are looking forward to Chelsea being here to stay with Kennedy when we go into deliver this new little one. I knew there is no one else she'd rather be with and thankfully Chelsea is willing. It's hard to believe thats only 9 short weeks away! It'll be here before we know it.

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  1. Sweet baby girl! Maybe that love for any body of water comes from her daddy? Just sayin'... :) Sweet pictures!