Thursday, February 10, 2011

It has been crazy around the Taylor household lately. There just seems to be lots to do and we hate not to do any of it because Lord knows we'll be on house arrest for a short while after baby #2 arrives so we're just takin' it all in stride and catching our breath when we can.

Kennedy's little soccer team had pictures this past Saturday. She received her jersey that morning and I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of my own because of course I thought she looked stinkin' cute! See for yourself:
Holy sweet cheeser!

Janine, Josh and Keagan were in visiting this past weekend too. We were so THRILLED to have them here...we miss them terribly. Courtney was gracious enough to keep our kiddos on Saturday evening so we could celebrate mine and Janine's February birthdays with a lovely dinner at Giuseppe's. It was like the good ole' days with no children in tow...minus the one in the belly of course. ;) The food was delicious and we had a great time just talking and laughing and reminiscing. Thankfully Courtney could stay a little after we returned and we were all able to have cake and ice cream and visit for a bit.

 The birthday girls's making me hungry just looking at this picture and remembering how delicious the food was. I blame such admissions on the baby.  
Seriously? There's no caption necessary. Incredible friend + super adorable baby!

Despite him having been sick Keagan was so good while he was here. He has grown so much and I just loved every minute of getting to see how his personality has developed. He is a wonderful baby. All these good babies Eli, Tyler, Adalyn and Keagan) are giving me really high hopes for my next ~ let's hope that all works out in my favor!

Sunday after church we met up for a quick bite to eat before the Owens's got on the road to leave and we then headed to our small group meeting prior to Super Bowl. Keagan was more interested in my necklace than me but I'm okay with bribery if snuggling is involved. Nevermind the immense amounts of slobber that come as an added bonus.

 I love the way Kennedy is looking at Keagan in this picture.
 Double Cheese!

The Banks family joined us for Super Bowl Sunday and although I didn't see one second of the game or could even tell you who played (truthfully) it was a really good time. Elizabeth and I chatted it up while the boys watched the game and the kiddos ran around here like wild monkeys (seriously). They had a really good time together. Sadly, my daughter wanted Matthew to play in her room all night.....we're going to need to work on that. She loves that boy to pieces though - the video clip proves it.

Baby Tyler was a trooper despite it being a bit late for his liking and despite big brother and Kennedy being in their own little world all night. I think meal time was his favorite. Ha!

This week I've just been busy wrapping my head around the fact that this baby is coming in 3-4 short weeks. Craziness I tell you! I am getting more and more excited by the day but am a tad stressed about the amount of "to-do's" left on our pre-delivery list. Kennedy has been practicing her big sister skills:

I've been focused on wrapping up some nursery projects. I had an old rocker thats been in my family for a while re-upholstered and I picked it up today. It turned out really good, don't you think?

With the help of an extremely talented friend, a vision came to life with her creative genius and we were able to create this special photo canvas for the baby's room. Isn't it awesome?!

Each day that I'm home with Kennedy, despite there constantly being a laundry list of things to get accomplished ~ I try really hard to do something special with her. Today's special thing was Valentine pancake making and we're doing mani/pedi's when she gets up from her nap. She made sure to tell me before she went down that she wanted Cinderella polish for her toes and Sleeping Beauty for her nails...she asked that I please get them ready. Nice!

Oh...and just in case you're wondering...the daily love affair continues!


  1. So sweet! Love how your chair and the picture turned out! Can't wait to see the nursery:)

  2. Oh my goodness! only 3 to 4 more weeks. It doesn't seem like it is that close, but I bet you are happy that it is! Please let us know when baby arrives so we can come visit and maybe bring some food!

  3. I LOVE THE CHAIR!!!!!!!! Good job Linds! I can't wait to come on back up there and love on that newest addition...can't believe it is happening so quickly! Had a wonderful joint-birthday celebration with you!!