Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We have been in the Valentine's spirit around the Taylor household. It all began with a package we received in the mail from Kennedy's cousins Catherine and Maggie. She opened it on Saturday morning and was very excited with it's contents:

Then we received a card from Chelsea that was oh so very exciting!

The picture alone just wouldn't do her sheer excitement justice. You gotta see the video:

Saturday evening we kept Adalyn so Abby and Jonathan could go on a early Valentine's date. She was as sweet as ever and Kennedy got in even more "big sister" practice. We loved having her. They are returning the favor for us this evening by keeping Kennedy so we can have a little Valentine's date of our own.

 Um...notice that Cinderella is holding Prince Charming's hand! Not prompted. Too sweet.

Sweet baby cheeks! 

Thursday of last week marked my 36th week of pregnancy so since Kennedy was all decked out in her Sunday Valentine's best for church yesterday we snapped a quick picture in the front yard. I officially have 3 weeks and 3 days left until my due date. When people ask me when I'm due I'm totally rounding down and saying 3 weeks. Whatever it takes, right? =)

Yesterday evening was full of Valentine's Party preparation for Kennedy's little party this afternoon. We made treats for all 14 friends in her class and then we made a special card and muffin pan for the directors of the daycare as well as her Green Room Teachers. She loves a craft and she loves to bake so she was a big helper! They all turned out cute too. She was so excited this morning to deliver her home made Valentines!

Before we left for school we gave Kennedy her Valentine from her Daddy and I. She really liked it. Of course, what girl wouldn't? You can't really go wrong with a handbag and chocolate!

 She dove right in. Thankfully there was a good breakfast ahead of time!

We snapped a few V-Day pics for the scrapbook and then it was off to school and work for us.

I thought her facial expression in that last one was too cute to not post. Ha! Such a ham she is.



  1. The Valentine Fun was enjoyed by us. Thanks for sharing your day. A girl after my own heart, starting the day with chocolate. Can it get any better?

    I am glad to see Kennedy getting all that big sister training in. I know she will be a big help when the baby comes.

  2. So sweet:) Kennedy is going to be such a great big sister! She is such a good helper!

  3. I'm with Kennedy! That chocolate looks awesome!
    She is getting so grown up and is going to be such a great big sister! Also that pic of Kennedy, Tim, and the baby is adorable! Plus she is dressed a Cinderella and I love me some Cinderella!
    To answer our question at our blog, we chose Dr. Weinberger in Nicholasville. He is wonderful, laid back, and yet so helpful and thoughtful. I am very pleased with out decision!
    Glad y'all had a V-day date before baby Taylor arrives! I'm so excited to meet that sweet baby!