Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tim and I have been on what we are calling an "eating out strike". It has been our way to save money and be conscious of how much we are "grabbing a bite" when we don't really need to because there's plenty here at the house. We've done pretty good with it...we allowed ourselves (when we initially went on strike) to count the upcoming special occasions as freebies if you will: anniversary, Valentine's Day, my birthday, but to try to avoid eating out otherwise. When we were deciding where to go on our Valentine's date, we heard about a deal we simply couldn't refuse:

How cool is that? Tim tried to convince me that somewhere in the fine print it required the use of tongue: yeah right! No worries - we kept it PG in line folks. So...for $6.00, Tim had a burrito and I had a naked burrito: pretty sweet deal, huh?

After Qdoba we headed to the dollar theater and saw the movie How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. It was pretty cute and for $5.50 we got two movie tickets, shared a sprite and a popcorn. Total cost of entire Valentine's Day Date: $11.50. You can't beat that with a stick.

Thanks to Abby and Jonathan for keeping our sweet princess. Looks like they had a pretty good time and best yet - no childcare expense involved. ;)

The rest of this week was spent working and getting ready for the baby to come. We packed the hospital bag, installed the car seat, washed the car, moved the bassinet into our bedroom, put some more finishing touches on the nursery, etc.

Kennedy and I also had hair cuts this week because Lord only knows when we'll have the time to get out and do that in the near future. She's been telling me for a while now that she wants short hair and although I tried not to sway her either way, I was hoping she'd opt for a trim because I love her little piggy tails and pony tail. In the end...she elected for short.

 AFTER: she was being a turkey and this is the best I could get that day!
 Here is one I snapped the next day at school - it was Pajama Day (aka the best day EVER as far as Kennedy is concerned).  
And here are a couple more I got today. I think it turned out cute and she seems thrilled with it which is what matters most. Daddy's happy that blow drying goes much quicker! 

Today we had an appointment and everything looks right on track. I will now be seeing the midwife weekly until this little one makes his/her appearance. I can't believe it will be here before we know it.

A while back I asked Courtney if she would be willing to help me cook some casseroles and stuff to put in the freezer to have when the baby comes. She shares my love of cooking and she's also an incredibly generous friend so of course she agreed to help me. Today was our stock the freezer/casserole cook-off and we cranked out some major cooking today y'all! Thanks to her and her culinary prowess we will now be able to have at our disposal post-baby arrival:
8 casseroles
2 home made pizza crusts or enough dough to make 8 calzones
2 different types of muffins (blueberry streusel & chocolate chip pumpkin)
& last but certainly not least ~ 2 loaves of banana bread

Awesome, huh? I'm thrilled we were able to get so much done so quickly. We had fun while we were doing it too.

We have another full day tomorrow. Tim and I are volunteering in the nursery at church nursery tomorrow morning and at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon my co-workers are graciously throwing me a "baby sprinkle" which I am so touched by.

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  1. Sometimes I think, "when I grow up I want to be as organized as Lindsy." Seriously, you could work for the Hoarders show as a professional organizer! If I ever have children will you come help me prepare? Cause otherwise I'll probably be all about drive-throughs... :)