Monday, May 26, 2008

What a long way to go

Happy Memorial Day!
Janine and I went and watched a triathlon today. Some of the TNT tri members who complete their event this summer were participating. It was intimidating I must admit. The swim just looked like it was taking FOREVER. I was sitting there thinking: "can I really do this?" Our plan was just to watch and my goal was really to pay attention to the "transition areas" where you switch gear to prepare for your next segment (for example: switching from your swim gear to your biking gear). It was exciting watching, knowing that I will be doing this in several months. At the same time though, it was just a little overwhelming to think about how much further I need to go before I can consider myself truly ready to complete a triathlon.

We stayed after the swimmers were done and after we had purchased our pool passes to do a little swimming ourselves. The water was friggin' freazing - seriously! So cold it was taking my breath away on fairly regular intervals. It was a totally different ballgame than the UK pool - what I may now consider my swimming sanctuary. Geesh was it different - I felt like I was back at square one...spitting, choking, coughing...blah blah blah - BOO! I hope Janine at least got a handle on the drills Susan has been having us do so she can practice where she is right now. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes and feel behind due to missing our group swims and I hope now that she won't feel that way.

Kennedy got in the big pool with us too and I took some pictures. She was quite the little trooper about the water temperature - oh what separation anxiety will make a little girl do! Please don't laugh at how ridiculous Janine and I look - we are not in denial. We know we look like dorks. Anyhow...the training journey continues, next up is swim practice at UK on Tuesday. =)

Bathing Beauties

Sweet Girl


  1. if it weren't for Kennedy, I would be scared! is it bad that I comment on every blog???

  2. You can do it Lindsy. It won't be long and you will be looking back and wonder where the time went and how you could not have known the swimming techniques you are now learning. Kennedy is too cute in the pool. You and Janine are cute too!

  3. I love your comments Neenie! Keep it coming girl - we are in this together. Thanks for your comments too Mom - I am glad to know you are checking in on my progress. Love you both!

  4. DEAD SSEEXXYY!!!! that's all I'm sayin! Hear Mike Myers singing....if you want my body and you think I'm sexy....

    You guys are awesome. I'm so proud of you.