Thursday, May 29, 2008


I had a swim lesson on Tuesday night. I have mixed feelings about how it went. I felt really good when I was in the water but at every completed lap there was a correction directed my way or a "don't do this, do that", etc. I was super frustrated at first because here I thought I was improving, and I am not getting a lick of positive feed back. I am thinking "at least I am not choking anymore!" I tried to remind myself that they are trying to help and make me the best swimmer I can be. It is a humbling thing for me as an athlete to need so much help in this area. Swimming is different than any other sport I have ever participated in. Swimming is fluid and soft and all the other things I do or have done are aggressive and hard. I will really need to work on the soft part because Susan said I was "attacking the water rather than loving the water". Who knew?! I am truly a beginner. I still feel encouraged because despite the corrections - I can tell a difference. I feel better in the water and I feel less anxious/scared. That in itself means a lot to me about how far I have already come. I go back tonight and I have tried to mentally prepare all day. I want to work hard and utilize my time the best I can. I want to learn the right way (not just a way) to swim and they are going to help me accomplish that goal.

I went to the bike shop today and had my bike tuned up. I had a gear that was grinding and I was quick to assume it was because of my last two falls on the bike. "Wrong" said the bike tech - it just needed some adjustments. I am ready to roll! I went ahead and bought a bike rack because I figured it would be unnerving to continue taking my wheel off and cramming it in my car every time I need to go somewhere - that's a pain! I am ready to ride. Next up, we plan to purchase a bike trailer for Kennedy so she can join me on my training rides that I do near the house.

Look for an interesting post tomorrow - I will be another swim lesson in! =)

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  1. Love the water, Linds. It is your friend. HA!