Friday, May 30, 2008

Sniff....Sniff ego is no better today than it was on Tuesday evening after my first swim lesson of the week. Last night was challenging to say the least. It started out all rosy with me feeling fish-like again doing my simple little drills (not without corrections, I might add) and then, it happened. Susan asked me to do the drills sans flippers. I floated...staring at her as if I didn't hear her clearly. "Without flippers?" I asked and she said "yes". I have graduated, I thought. Whoopee! I suppose for you swimmers you are thinking "boy is she delusional" and to that I respond with a resounding YES! Oh my gosh! Who knew swimming flipper-less would be so flippin' hard. I felt like I was sinking all over again. I was having flashbacks from my very first swimming lesson. Yikes! I choked and sputtered and considered quitting (its true!). What am I thinking doing this? With every little centimeter I moved through the water without flippers I saw a UK Masters (i.e.super swimmer) swimmer flying by me in my neighboring lane making it look ridiculously effortless. Ugh! Why couldn't I have picked up swimming as a kid? I will say, however, that the society I am fundraising for spurs me on in those moments of self defeat. I thought last night I would do this every night of the week rather than suffer from a blood cancer. Seriously I thought to myself - suck it up! By the time my limbs started doing things I felt sure my brain hadn't asked of them I felt certain it was quitting time for me. I stopped and talk to Susan (aka pool drill Sargent) and she told me I was improving. Everyone keeps saying you will have it before you know it and look back on this and laugh. That's what people said about pregnancy and I am still not laughing about that 9 months later. ha! Well, we have a cook out tonight at our mentors house and that should be fun. We are going to stuff and address people's fundraising letters. Tim and I are going to attempt to bring Kennedy and her PJ's along - wish us luck! Before I close I would like to give my remedial shallow pool lane buddy (Scott, I believe) a shot out. He was such a trooper during his drills last night and every time Susan gave him a suggestion or correction he gave her a smile and a polite "yes ma'am". What a gentleman. I was impressed. Have a great Friday everyone.

oh - one last thing: I took pictures of the UK pool and I will post those tomorrow so you can see how crazy big it is. =) Ciao!

The UK pool in all it's splendor. I know I called it my sanctuary in an earlier post but forgive me if I am not feeling the same affection towards it currently. See that group of people towards the left - those are the blasted 12 year old "super" swimmers I keep talking about.

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  1. You don't look back on pregnancy and laugh?!! Hahaa...gaa. This post was great, but I am nervous as heck about doing this so late in the game.