Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Blog

Now that Kennedy is almost 9 months old I feel as though I can dedicate the time and energy it will require to adequately raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Although I don't have any close friends or family directly affected by blood cancers, I am extremely motivated to help those who are currently suffering. Over 75% of all funds raised by participants in Team in Training sporting events will go directly to research, patient services, and education. Team in Training is also the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's largest fundraising program, so it is making a huge difference in the lives of people affected by these conditions. Who wouldn't want to be a part of such an amazing group?

As far as the triathlon part, most of you know I have always enjoyed physical activity and sports in general. I also enjoy challenging myself and I think this will challenge me in more ways than I can even imagine right now. I should share with you that I run on a pretty consistent basis and I have done some fairly lengthy bike rides (although I haven't been on the bike since pre-pregnancy - yikes). Swimming, however, is a total different ball game. To say that I am clueless is a gigantic understatement.

My very first swim lesson was last week at the University of Kentucky pool and lets just say I was the only "swimmer" (if I can even call myself that) who was wearing flippers and utilizing a kick board. Twelve year old little girls were swimming laps around me and I am fairly certain that the others utilizing my lane (the special shallow one for remedial students like myself) were there for fun and might have been laughing at me despite my efforts. The coach was extremely nice and supportive but I just know she was thinking "Oh my God have we got a long road with this girl". The swimming cap was squishing my brain and in turn making it extremely difficult for me to comprehend and complete her commands (that is what I am telling myself so go with me on this). I swallowed SOOOOO much water and coughed it back out that I had sore throat that lingered for 3 days. I almost emailed the coach to see if that was normal for a first timer but I decided it not in my best judgement to do so less she think I am a wimp. I swam (again....if you can call it that) for an hour and promised to be at every training session that I could - Lord knows I am going to need it.

Last night was our "kick-off" where we met our TNT mentors who will encourage us and help us in any ways they can. We also met our team mates. I was happy to learn that several of my team mates are also clueless about swimming - hallelujah! Now....they may not need flippers and a kick board but that is beside the point. I am attaching a photo of my team mates, mentors and coach below. I hope you will come back to my blog and see how I am progressing along this journey. A special thank you to those of you who have already donated and sent well wishes and prayers. I am going to need all the praying you have time for. Until next time.......

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  1. So sad to not be in the pic! I am sure to be exactly like you in the pool--and I know the feeling of the swim cap. The first time I thought my ears would be permanently folded over! HA! Love you :) (and so pumped to be going through this with my bestie!)