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A New Year (2015) & Baby no More!

I was all excited to sit down and start this blog post because I was thinking "Finally! I'm finally in the current year"...but then it dawned on me that it's now a new year and thus I'm a year behind still and then I cried a little (not really but I kind of want to). doesn't really do much so I rarely gather the energy to allow myself to do it (I'm sure there's some psychological ramification in there somewhere but oh well). Anyhow, onward with the January 2015 Goings on! 

We celebrated some birthdays! Katelyn (Ave's BFF) and my niece Catherine Page. Catherine has a Christmas birthday but we try really hard to not lump Christmas and her birthday celebrations directly together because that just wouldn't seem fair, right? Since my sisters and I were with our In-Laws for our Christmas celebrations, we came together in Charlotte in January to do our Christmas and then after/separate: Catherine's birthday. 

Jennifer did a great job with K's party and her Aunt did an amazing job on the cake (as usual). 

Wow - what a difference a year makes because Ave's hair is way longer now and K's is way shorter :). 

Stewart girls' Christmas! 

Catherine's birthday celebration, complete with her favorite cake (Strawberry made by "Honey/Grandmommy"
It's hard for me to believe how much she's grown up/growing up. She's such a sweet girl. The future holds BIG things for her because there's not much bigger than this child's heart.  

Running with the birthday theme, we'll run right into the most recent birthday happenings around here - Micah turned one in October and we had a Lil' Pumpkin party for him complete with all things orange, pumpkin and those that we love. 

 I was super last minute in my planning (it's pretty much how i roll these days!) and thus I sent out an e-vite rather than a paper invitation. How cute is this though? Perfection! 

These stackable pumpkins were a last minute decor idea but I love how they turned out and these pictures have become some of my favorite of my little man!

 Thank you Pinterest for all your cleverness in all things...especially foods with themes. 

 When one throws a pumpkin party, it must involve pumpkin cake: right? I thought so. These were not only pumpkin shaped, they were actually pumpkin cake flavored as well. Delish! 

 I can't do a buttercream leaf to save my life. My husband made tons of fun of me but I tried and that's all that counts in my opinion! 

 This was one of my favorite little things I did for his party. It's always so fun looking over their pictures from month to month. Micah is a tiny tot and therefore there wasn't a ton of change from 6 months on but it was still fun to look back and see it all together. 

 We pretty much just ate, drank and celebrated. At this point all the cousins just play and entertain themselves so parties can be pretty easy in that way. We have more family here now that Tim's parents and Grandma have joined us in NC so we can get up in numbers pretty quickly; therefore it was a family only party. I would have it NO OTHER way though - we enjoy every moment we spend with family and Micah had a blast! 

 When it was cake time, Micah was more interested in everyone singing "Happy Birthday" than he was anything the giant baby pumpkin cake headed his way with a candle sticking out! 
 Big sister helped with the candle situation.
 These two are big time buddies and she couldn't wait to see what he did with his first cake. Seriously: she was BESIDE herself with joy (which is pretty evident) over watching him and his cake. 
 He was pretty reserved. Dude doesn't like to get messy. When he touched it we would cheer and he would smile but he never really dug in like I was hoping for. 

 When it seemed as though it would take him 10 years to ever get a bite, we broke out a spoon in the hopes it would help. 

 He did seem more interested once we got the spoon out but then HE wanted to use the spoon on his own and because it was his 1st birthday...I obliged. 
 He was most pleased with himself. 
 Once the pumpkin no longer resembled a pumpkin, we pulled the plug and decided it was opening presents time. 

 He did pretty good opening gifts and keeping somewhat focused but after a few he was off and running to play with his cousins. 
 "Hey Dad! What are you doing with that big black thing pointed at me?"
 My dear friend Marla from church made his little onesie for me. She has a fancy machine that cut out this iron on vinyl and then she heat pressed it for me...I thought it turned out super cute. 
 A family picture. I consider it a success when everyone is looking in the same general direction. Who cares if Grey looks confused and Avery is striking a pose. This is us! 
It's hard for me to believe that Micah is one. Where did the year go? It just seems odd that I no longer have or will have a true baby...we've already started selling and or giving our baby things away. It's like the end of an era. It's exciting but sad all at the same time. The future is bright though and I can't imagine life without his presence - he's a ball of happiness and makes all of our lives better! Here's to many more parties for years to come! 

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