Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Indiana Part 2 & O-N-E

Our time in Indiana was pretty chill which was awesome since I had a new baby tagging along on our adventure. Grandma broke out the old toys that Tim played with when he was little and they went to town. 

I'm going to take this opportunity to brag on my man a bit. There is no human on this planet that is better at playing with my kids than this guy right here. He has exponentially more tolerance for true and active play than I do and I love that about him. My kids will remember these moments for years to come and I'm so thankful.
Apparently Tim's Grandpa is good at playing too :). 
One thing is for sure - Grey wanted to play with him. 

Napping is always interesting when you're on the road. He and Avery did awesome...napping whenever and however. Exhibit A: 
We tried to get a group photo but as is customary with this many people: it's a tall order to get a good one. I mean, it could be worse, but it could be better. 
One is too light and one is too dark but the point is we got one with all of us together and that's all that matters, right? 
This visit was our first since Kennedy was young. I hope it's not that long before our next visit!

 On our trip home we passed something I've never seen before: a Wind Farm. To be more specific: we passed Meadow Lake Wind Farm. The wind farm can be viewed on both sides of Interstate 65 in Indiana. I believe the most current information I found said that this farm has about 303 turbines and they reside on over 400 different land owners property. It's mind boggling really. On our trip to Indiana it was dark and we could vaguely see some lights from the turbines, but on our return trip it was light and OH.MY.WORD! It really just can't be captured on film - the vastness of it all. It's unreal. This is the best video I could find on youtube. The music is not awesome but the footage is :) 

I took a ton of pictures, but they just don't do these turbines justice. They are massive and really beautiful in an odd way. 

These next two pictures give you an indication of how big they are. 

Crazy, right? 

And now for the current-ish going's on. In October my baby boy turned one. It's too much to even wrap my head around honestly. I'm still adjusting to the fact that the four little people constantly milling around here asking me for one thing or another are all MINE. Nuts. Simply nuts I tell ya. Anyhow, I took to the yard and the pretty fallen leaves to try to get some pictures to document this momentous occasion. 
I mean to tell you that I couldn't get this kid to look at me to save my life. He just wanted to crunch leaves and crawl around. 

He had a little scratch on his cheek but it's so "real life" I didn't even care. 
Look at all those sweet little baby hairs. Thus far it looks like I've got another blondie on my hands. 

This child is pure T Joy y'all. He is so happy, so easy and so FUNNY. He is full of personality. He loves dancing and singing and he ADORES his big sister Kennedy about as much as his Momma (and sometimes more it seems ;). He's a horrible eater but a phenomenal sleeper and let's just be honest: I'll feed him whatever he wants if he sleeps at night. Can I get an Amen Momma's? Can't wait to see what lies ahead for this little dude. For  now, I'm just trying to enjoy each moment with him because the moments are passing all too fast. 


  1. Loved the post but those wind turnbines, so amazing. When we were in Texas was the first time I saw them. I literally took like 100 pictures of them. Stew finally said, "You know they are all the same so I think just a few pictures would be good"! Ha! But I couldn't get over them! Later we passed an 18 wheeler but it had two trailers and it had just one blade. It was longer than the two trailers! Crazy! Anyway, Merry Christmas sweet friend!!

  2. I know - Tim was saying the same but it was just like nothing I'd ever seen!