Friday, January 22, 2016

Randomness & Trick or Treat

Sometimes I end up with a random grouping of pictures. You know, like I've just grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures and then put it back in the bag for a week and then grab it again. And thus, you get a random assortment of pictures. 

Grey really has always been so sweet with Micah...he just has to slow down long enough to actually communicate with him and I caught one of those moments. 

 This girl - she's his favorite person. He lights up when he sees her. Then he would smile at her. Now he toddles over and collapses on her and laughs hysterically. It's the best. She has cultivated it though - she talks to him, loves on him, cares for him - it's just a super organically sweet thing. She's an awesome big sister and I think they'll have a special relationship forever. 
 There are so many differences in my girls and my boys but this difference - this get at eye level and lay on the floor and make engine sounds and play with trains for an hour thing: it's all BOY. I feel like I've got tons of pictures of this scenario in one way or  another. It's what he does and in a way it's just precious. 
 Kennedy's school celebrates their 100th day each year. Last year we volunteered to make her class's 100th day snack. Of course I took to Pinterest and found this cute snack printable and idea and she was a hug help in pulling it off. 

 On their 100th day they do lots of activities and things focused around the number 100. Well, one of their activities last year was writing down what they would do if they had $100. 
 It was one of those moments where you're just proud of your baby. I have lots of those moments with this girl but this was definitely a special one. Sometimes you just don't know if what your doing and how your doing it is cultivating what you want in your children and then you read something like this that your child wrote at school and you just want to Praise the Lord that their heart is more attuned than you realize. 
 the main gist - she would give it to the poor and needy
 I couldn't be prouder!
 These next few things are things leftover from the holiday that I took pictures of way later than I should have and therefore they are totally out of chronological order. Nevertheless, they are worth documenting! 

 Kennedy had a response put in her school newsletter and she was so excited about it. 

 You like how she drew Micah in a swaddle blanket and in the bed complete with a mobile. Such attention to detail :). 
 I had almost forgotten (until looking back through these pictures) that Kennedy had gotten one of those My Fun Fishtanks for Christmas last year. I think I'd erased it from my memory because although these next few pictures show the fun and anticipation about having this ended belly up (pun intended) and she and I were traumatized. No more fish for us for a WHILE! 

 Apparently Betas need heaters in their tank and although the box for these fishtanks picture a beta and although they are a recommended type for this tank and although at Petsmart they are in solo cups...Beta experts will tell you that they need a warm tank to survive. I'm here to tell y'all, they are right! They enjoyed "Stormy" while we had him but like I said - I believed we've eternally scratched that itch. 
 I love it when the kids pretend play. They will create some of the most elaborate things sometimes. I can't recall exactly what was happening but I believe Avery and the American Dolls were out at a restaurant and Kennedy was a chef and Grey was a waiter. It was kind of a big deal...which is why I took pictures. 
 Don't let her white gloves fool y'all - she's a fries and pretzel kind of gal. 

 When it's cold out and you need to entertain your kids:  make slime. They play with it for hours. It's nuts. Micah was happy just to watch them. I was happy to have all of my four people contained and not fighting or crying. Winning! 

 He will be up in a chair with the rest of them playing with slime before I know it. 
 And for the more current part of this posting...Halloween 2015
Trying to get a picture of all four of these yahoos went about as it usually does and so I just click and take what I can get. Grey was Spiderman, Micah was a puppy, Kennedy was Pocahontas and Avery was a rainbow Pegasus unicorn. Thank you consignment sale for making Halloween costumes so affordable. Avery won for cutest and most hilarious costume ever. The way that giant yarn rainbow tail swished all night brought lots of smiles to those behind her. 

 We trick or treated in Tim's parents neighborhood this year but before heading over there we stopped so Grandma could see the kids. She was excited and was sure to give them each their first treat of the night. 

 Tim's parents decided to really get into things this year and even dressed up themselves. Nana came with us and Pawpaw stayed to hand out candy. 
 Once we joined up with Nana we were off to the races. 
 Their neighborhood is decent sized and the kids made it all the way around the whole thing with nary a complaint. I did have the stroller so they could take small breaks every now and then which helped. They were totally wiped out after we wrapped up the evening. If I remember correctly they all fell asleep on the 15 minute ride home. 
 That is one sassy unicorn. 

 This picture totally cracks me up. Kennedy is OVER the pictures, Avery is exhausted and Grey is still enamored with his fake muscles. Priceless. 

 I mean, it's magical isn't it. Amazing! 

 Sweet little super hero. He was flexing for the picture...can you tell? 

 They were excited when pictures were over and they could enjoy some of their bounty before heading home. It was fun to get to do this with Tim's parents. I'm excited to share many more trick or treats. 

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  1. super cute!! The Spider Man cracks me up! Finn was Spidey last year and was also enamored with the muscles. Little boys are super hilarious...and we also have lots of eye-to-eye with the trains pics. I DO very much enjoy the magical unicorn is incredibly fitting to Avery's personality!!!