Saturday, January 23, 2016

3 months and I-phone fun

I've not done as good taking monthly pictures of Micah as I did with my others but I have made sure to do it (which I'm proud of because, well - he's #4)...I just haven't had as much time to get creative and take 100+ pictures like I have of the other kids. Thankfully he's a super precious and super content (thank you Jesus) subject so it's worked out ok in the end. Without further ado, here are his 3 month shots. 

I would love to know how you fellow phone picture takers keep up with and organize your photos. I'm not doing a good job of categorizing these pictures in an organized fashion like the ones I download off of my camera. So: when I go to blog I've got all my camera photos organized and chronological but then I've got all these random phone dump folders and it's just a mess. If you've got any tips I'm all ears people! In the meantime I suppose I'll keep sharing them in a dump-like manner but I don't love it. While we are on the subject of phone pictures. I don't know how people use phones as their main means of phone pictures are great if the lighting is great but if the lighting is at all....the pictures just suck to be honest. So: I don't even use it unless the lighting is good. If we're outside I feel like it does great and so I get some really fun pictures like some of these: 

This was soon after he learned how to clap. He was so proud and would do it all the time. 

This is a buddy of mine from church. This is another example of the iphone camera working well. Again though - good lighting makes all the difference. 
This picture cracks me up. This was taken at our church on Superhero day. I'm not sure what Avery was upset about but it's a funny picture nonetheless. 

Now that he is walking - he's everywhere they are...especially his BFF Kennedy. They were picking leaves for a "special stew" and so he was picking leaves too. 

And now for a prime example of how the indoor photos just don't come out quite as well. I'd love to hear what you guys edit with. The iphone editing options are good but I just recently downloaded an editing app called Aviary (which my 13 year old niece recommended) and I really like it but am still learning what all it can do. 

This girl. She's always loved her sleep but she lives life so hard that she seldom slows down. Every now and then when she does and no one is around, this will happen and I love it. I have a picture of me napping on a couch at about her age and it's uncanny how much she and I look alike. I'll have to go digging for that picture. 
Kennedy worked out with us one Saturday at Carolina Sweat when they had a Family Day and the next day she said "Momma, when I do this it hurts". Well, yes...working out: it will do that to you. 

This picture was taken at our church on Superhero Day too. I work the second service in the infant room every Sunday and this little peanut was wearing the funniest super hero pants. They said things like "boom" and "pow" and they were so super cute! Clearly the adults got in on the dress up action as well. 

I will say the video situation on the iphone is ideal. We were not doing well getting video of our kids before getting our phones but now we are able to catch super cute video clips easily and quickly. This video is one of my favorites from this past year. Micah is a mega picky eater. Honestly the child wants things out of a package and if they aren't in a package, he doesn't want it. The only exception to this is when I make him a smoothie - the kid loves a smoothie. In this video, Tim was trying to feed him carrots which he was having none of and then he switched over to offering him a veggie straw and well, you'll see the difference in his reaction. It's pretty funny!

He pretty much lives on smoothies, cereal bars, veggie/fruit pouches, and dehydrated fruit. I mean, it could be worse but it could be a whole lot better too. Thankfully the organic options for what he does eat can be readily found on Amazon and that's pretty much how I get all his food these days because it's cheaper than purchasing at the grocery store. 


  1. Hi! When I import all the photos on my computer from my iPhone, I put them into a folder. I have a folder for each boy, by year and then month. I'm not always on top of organizing them right away like i'd like, but tis life with 4. ;)

    I feel your pain with the picky eater. Mine are all picky, although Miles takes the cake. He actually went to food therapy for about 6 months with a speech therapist. I think we would have had better luck if we started him when he was younger. It didn't really help us at all. Sadly.

    1. Oh...and that video cracked me up!!!! Loved it!!