Sunday, August 9, 2015

Company & Chaos

It was crazy loading these pictures to blog about them because since these pictures were taken, Chelsea's little tiny peanut that was barely noticeable at the time has since been born. Time.seriously.flies. Sigh. I'm thankful that before Chelsea had her own, she came time to meet my sweet baby bear. We were SO EXCITED to see her (as usual). 
Trying to keep the other children entertained while I was on 24/7 baby nursing duty was and is always difficult but thankfully since we had company I could curb the chaos a bit and do some things they'd been asking me to do - like painting. 

Kennedy is super artsy and she loves all things crafty and creative, but she is super meticulous about her projects. Avery, on the other hand is a bit more free spirited in her creations (I know y'all are shocked). Like Kennedy though, Avery does seem to love to create. They got that from their Momma ;). 
She's a baby whisperer!

Exhibit A why I need reinforcements to tackle such "fun things". 

Where it all began and where it shall end. Blessings. 

Well, I'll say this about her: she's photogenic. Love her. 

I love these sweet snuggly pictures. Now he won't fall asleep on me no matter what - the boy loves his crib. 

Let me be clear though - he loves NOTHING in this life more than his big sister. I mean: adores her. 
I mean, I can't help but getting sentimental when I look at these pictures. I can't imagine my life had I not met this gal. I simply can't. I would not be who I am today though - that's for sure. So thankful for her encouragement, support, wisdom and love. Who knew when she was taking care of my firstborn that we'd be friends until and beyond she had her first. Thank beyond measure. 
Mom came over a good bit in those early days which was much appreciated. My kiddos love a visit from their Honey and Big Jim - planned or impromptu - always fun. 
I took this next picture because - this...this is what happened when I didn't have help but had to feed the baby. They had a whole "hair salon" set up. Makes me laugh...their little imaginations are so incredible. I'm so happy that these two get along the way they do. 

So...the nice thing about being this far behind on the blog is that it can be sort of a reflection time. It reminds me that the chaos I feel now because of life with four kids pales to the chaos that was then in those early weeks. It's like I tell brand new Momma's all the time - "it gets easier and easier" and it does. 

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