Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Every November there is an air show at our local airport. When I say local, what I mean is a teensie little airport literally less than a mile down the road from our house. It's basically a place where flight lessons are given, people store their little puddle jumpers to fly and then some big wigs store their private jets there so they can get in and out easily without the hassle of the Charlotte airport. 

Anyhow, we've watched the air show every November since we moved into this house because the kids love it and we can pretty much just hang out in the parking lot next to our house and the kids can play and we just make it an all day affair. It's really neat too - it's mostly old war planes. The show is actually called Warbirds over Monroe

I was in and out this year because of having a newborn, but Tim and the kids stayed out almost all day and as in years past Tim took an insane amount of pictures of just sky and planes and more sky and more planes and well...you get the picture. Pun intended. 

 My sister brings her kiddos out for the day too. Declan loves planes. 

 The planes have such character, it's just really cool to admire them and know that they've seen things we can't imagine. 

 Because we aren't actually on the airport grounds we don't have a schedule or itinerary but there are some pretty big pauses between flights and the kids tend to get a little restless but then they just drag everything out of my garage and things like this happen: 

 It's insane to me how close these planes will fly to one another. I realize they are trained professionals but oh.my.word.
 Just to give you a little perspective. There is the corner of our house right there. Mmmmhmmm...we are that close to the action. We've been contemplating going onto the airport grounds this year because the kids could see the planes up close and personal and actually get in them and when the planes do their free fall craziness we could actually get the whole picture without having some of it cut off by a tree line. 
 Micah did come out for some but mostly he was inside because he wasn't about the windiness and the brightness of it all. To be fair - he probably was still depressed over being evicted from my uterus. 

 Greyson was ABOUT the helicopters this year. I can't blame him...they're pretty cool. I mean, this amazing face of mine says it all. Ha!
Hard to believe this event is right around the corner. I'm telling you...these last 9 months with the addition of Micah are like a blur...it's just nuts how time flies when you're this busy. I wouldn't change it for the world, but it's cray folks! 

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