Monday, August 10, 2015

Trick or Treat

Last year we trick or treated with the Englar's and it was a win, win: the kids had a blast and got tons of candy AND we got home at a decent time. So: this year (especially since we'd be trick or treating with a newborn) we opted for the same plan. Here are the kids before we left:
Avery was Barbie Island Princess, Kennedy was Ariel and Greyson was a cowboy. 

This little pumpkin was just that...a sweet little pumpkin. 
Here are all the kids together. Jennifer's girls were witches and Will was a zombie soccer player. Oh my. I'm so glad we aren't discussing zombies yet. Kennedy was totally creeped out by the entire ensemble and I can't blame her. Ha! Clearly he was "in character" as well. 
These girls are such sweet little friends. 
I believe at this particular point, Micah was crying in the stroller so we took our family picture without him. 
Greyson was way more into trick or treating this year than last. It was so cute watching him get his treats. He did want to pause momentarily after each house and taste his bounty though - so funny. 

When we wrapped up with trick or treating, we headed home and were greeted by some more company! The Vaughans arrived in time to see the kiddos in costume and they stayed a couple nights to get to know little Micah. Here's Catherine holding him. 

and then Maggie

The next day everyone got lots of time snuggling the lil' man. 
or shall I say "men"

Greyson is a dude's dude. I'm telling y'all...any chance he gets to Bro out and he's going to. If there's a guy around - he's with him. I don't think Uncle Kevin minds too much. 
Just when I thought picking out Halloween Costumes was a big enough job as it was...this year we'll add another to the mix. Heaven help me! 

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