Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blast Off & Sing Your Heart Out

Kennedy's school offers enrichment programs after school twice a year. The programs typically run 6-8 weeks and they are offered in the Fall and then again in the Spring and since she isn't involved in tons of extra curriculars, we typically try to work it out to allow her to participate in the enrichment program each term. They usually offer several options (art, music, science, girls club, running club, Bible study, etc.). This past Fall she chose to do a Science program. Each week they did experiments and learned different scientific things. At the end of the enrichment term, they launched rockets that they themselves put together and the families were invited to observe the launch. My Mom came over to keep Micah and we loaded up the rest of our crew to go see it all go down...or shall I say up. Ha ha ha. 
The instructor (pictured with her arms enthusiastically up in the air) was everything you would expect a scientist to be. She was incredibly passionate about all of their experiments and this one was no different - clearly :). 
Katy (Sophia's Mom) and I communicated prior to the enrichment sign ups to be certain we could get these girls in the same program because they just can't get enough of one another. Thankfully they enjoy a lot of the same things - I love Sophia's face in this picture. "blast off"!
This is the instructors husband. She was wise to phone in reinforcements because as you can imagine the kids were super excited about this whole deal. He would help them get all set up and then tell them what steps to follow to have a successful launch. 

Her first attempt was a dud so they had to make some adjustments and try again but her face after that first attempt says it all - see below. 
Womp Womp
Take two elicited much more favorable results! 

So fun! 
We essentially sprinted home from the rocket launch to eat and get changed because Kennedy had to be back up at the school a little over an hour later for a 1st grade choral performance. They told the kids to wear their Halloween Costumes for the performance so I present to you - Ariel. 

Kennedy wanted to have red hair like Ariel and I did all kinds of Pinterest research on making a wig but in the end, having a newborn and trying to craft a wig just wasn't happening so I found this one super cheap on Amazon and made her wish come true. 
Sister loves singing - can you tell? 
My Mom and Jim went with Tim to watch and help with Avery and the boys and I stayed home by ourselves. I made Tim promise he'd take bunches of pictures and he not only took pictures but lots of video so I felt like I was there even though I wasn't. 
Avery evidently loved it and was dancing and singing along. 
The wig - it was really funny and she loved it. Totally worth the $9. 

Good job getting bunches of pictures Daddy! Muah! 

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  1. Super cute! LOVE the red wig...it is very becoming. ;) And I have to say that I am super pumped that Kennedy chose the science club! A gal after my own heart. :)