Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Boo Bash 14' and some special moments

Every October, near Halloween, Kennedy's school has a big festival called the Boo Bash. It's a huge fund raiser for her school and it's also huge amounts of fun for all the kiddos that go. I was a little sad to miss out this year, but Micah was like a week old so um, no. Tim took the girls and this was my first night flying solo with Micah (if I remember correctly) and Grey stayed home too because we didn't think he could push past his bedtime as well as the girls. Avery was Belle and Kennedy wanted to be a cowgirl. I purchase their little Halloween outfits every year at a consignment sale and Kennedy wanted to save her outfit for actual Halloween night. So: we whipped up some country attire and called her a cowgirl. 

It was just me and the boys for the evening. 
The kids met up with Kennedy's BFF at the Boo Bash and she evidently requested to be a vampire. According to Tim, Avery took one look at her and said "ew". Ha! She's my honest one...what are you gonna do? 
The girls had a BIG time together getting lots of candy at the Trunk or Treat, 
roasting marshmallows, 
Pretending to be Halloween-themed things, 

and playing carnival games for more candy. 
Plinko. Ingenious. Makes me want to scream "Come on Down"!
Lastly, who doesn't love a blow up? Even in their ball gown! 
When I see pictures like these, it makes me realize they are probably really glad their Daddy takes them places sometimes because If I'd been there...a picture like this never would have surfaced. Gasp! Crazy child. Rest assured, she survived this maneuver.
The next day Big Jim and Honey came over for a visit. Grey loves Big Jim or "PowPow" as he sometimes calls him. He actually just loves dudes truth be told but he does seem to have a little something special going on with Big Jim and Pawpaw. The two of them are so super calm and quiet and he just seems drawn to them. It's pretty sweet. 

Clearly she is a Mom of four since she can hold a baby and play Hangman at the same time. #Momskills #justsayin'
Jim didn't have any of his own children but boy has he been abundantly blessed with grandchildren! He does real well I think...until they cry and then he summons "Honey". Hey, that's true of lots of Grandpa's whether they raised their own or not...can I get an "amen". 

Sweet little wrinkly baby. I love this little outfit - it's from my dear friend Leslie and Grey wore it too. 

Flaky baby feet. It's cute, right? Is it just me? =)
All of my babies have taken pacifiers and I've been known to say on more than one occasion that if babies don't take pacifiers, it's because Momma's didn't try hard enough. Well, I tried and tried REAL HARD to get this child to take a pacifier rather than doing this with his fingers but alas I failed and so I now have a finger sucker. I mean, he self soothes rapidly so I guess I can't be too upset. I've grown to love it.

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