Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School's out for Summer!

Don't you know that our highest summer priority was time at the POOL?!? I tried having Kennedy make a summer to-do wish list, like anything she wanted to do over her time home with the kids and I for the summer. Let's just say we'll try that concept again next year because it looked a little like this: 

~Go to the pool.
~Go to the pool with my cousins.
~Go to the pool with my friends. 
~Go to the YMCA pools. 

You get the idea. 

As much as the pool + pregnancy + 3 kiddos to watch didn't absolutely thrill me, we made it happen and made it happen often. I'm happy to report we had no near drownings and as it turns out the pool is quite the place for pregnant people to hang out so I wasn't alone in my big bellied-ness. Now for some pictures:

 Now that Kennedy is a big swimmer, she can go down all the slides at the YMCA water park and that is BIG news folks. 
 As you already now, Kennedy did swim team this summer and shortly into her season Avery took swim lessons (part of Honey and Big Jim's bday present to her). I am SO GLAD we did lessons because both the girls had forgotten quite a bit since last summer but I also realized that Avery had developed some anxiety in the water. This class was just what she needed to get her back to a comfortable state in the water and added bonus she knew the teacher because she was one of Kennedy's coaches. For the part of the summer that Ave had lessons our schedule was a bit crazy: I'd get up super early to get breakfast prepped and pool gear loaded in the car, after breakfast we'd load up and get to Y, I would first drop littles off at child care and then run the outdoor track while K had swim practice, then pick littles up from childcare and get Avery in her swimsuit and then K and Grey and I would sit poolside while Ave had her lesson and then we'd all go to the pool for fun and stay until they were D-O-N-E. We'd eat lunch (which I had to pack the night prior to make it all happen on time) at a picnic table there by the pool and then we'd change into dry clothes and I'd have three sleeping children by the time we got home. EVERY DAY we repeated this routine for a month straight. Seriously. You'd think they got tired of it but I'm hear to tell you that they most certainly did not. 

 We went to our neighborhood a good bit in the afternoons after the kids woke up from their naps (2 times a day to the pool anyone?) but we also did some sprinkler/slip-n-slide action as well. 

 We also made a couple of trips to our local splash pad and playground combination park that's not too far. Our church hosted play dates at this particular park 4-5 times over the summer and we were able to make 2 of them. 

 This picture cracks me up. Wild child! 

 These are friends of my girls' from church. They are sisters and are very similar in age to my girls. They also have a brother who is just slightly older than Grey. It's really fun when we all get together. 
 Sweet girls!
We did manage to get into a few more things over the summer rather than just the pool. I guess when you live in the South the pool truthfully is the best place to be to beat the heat.  More on our other summer adventures to come. 

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  1. Your pool schedule sounds exhausting! But also fun!! Gotta love getting the kids tired at the pool. Awesome naptime all around!