Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It starts off kind of like a cell phone dump.....

....but it's really an "art project dump" (if you will) capped off at the end of the post with some more exciting happenings. 

 These bigger blue sheets of paper are art projects Kennedy worked on at school and I love some of them but have admitted to myself that I'll not be able to frame every art project that comes home that I love...especially knowing I'll have this quantity x 4! Happy to capture them in photo!

 In Kindergarten they would have "free centers" in place of recess on rainy or super cold days and Kennedy always chose the free painting center (shock and awe)...these are some of her creations. 
 On to Avery's creations now. The wide array of facial expressions - an added bonus. 

 A great deal of Avery's crafts at this juncture come from Sunday school and or Bible Study Fellowship, because here's the thing: creating requires sitting still and that is something Avery still has a lot to learn about ;). 
 Though in all honesty - who doesn't love a good ole' Sunday school craft on a paper plate that involves your sweet babies' hand prints? LOVE.
 I'm not entirely certain what's happening here. Let's call it abstract. She is proud of it no matter and thus I am as well. 
 The more exciting happenings around this "art dump" photo session time was Kennedy's Kindergarten program in June. The whole elementary school did a Fam Jam day where all the family was invited to come and kind of celebrate the success of the year and hear what the kids had learned. They sang some songs like "Kindergarten Rocks" and a sweet little ditty about Moms and Dads that made this pregnant lady tear up. It was really cute and Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed herself and having people there to watch her. She pretty much looked like this the entire time: 
Kennedy was one of 4 or 5 kids chosen to read their "What I learned in Kindergarten" papers aloud during the performance. For those who don't read phonetic kindergarten writing...I'll interpret: "I learned how to read. This is important because if I had a stack of papers I had to read, I would not be able to read them. I learned how to make a friend. If you be a friend, you will be making one too."
I thought this paper that they sent home in a special packet of things for the parents was a riot. These were posted for the new kindergartners to read on their open house night. Too funny!
 Here are her Kindergarten teachers: Mrs. Haywood and Mr. McAuley
 & her best friend S.
 Following the ceremony they had a little cake reception and the girls were of course all about that part. 
 Honey & Big Jim cam to Fam Jam...
 & so did Nana. 
 My sweet and handsome husband was having trouble eeking out a smile for this family photo op so this is the best we've got :0. 
 A few days after Fam Jam, we wrapped up our first year at UA. I really do love her school. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such an involved program...parents, teachers, students - everyone pitching in and helping out - it's awesome. UA summers are short as they are on a year round calendar. Despite being a bit behind in blogging I still think it's crazy that as I write about her first year wrapping up, a new one has already begun. 
 Time...it just flies on by. 
Kennedy was really emotional the day before her last day of school. She was crying as I picked her up from carpool and because she's not typically a crier I was like "oh no, what happened"? The teachers had evidently started prepping them for the fact that her exact class of herself + her 19 friends would be split into different first grade classes the next year. She was distraught about knowing that her entire class wouldn't move directly from K to first and all stay together. My heart hurt for her as I'm sure that's tough, though I don't specifically recall that from my K to 1st transition. I reassured her that she'd see her friends at recess and lunch and that they'd still get to play together and what not. Well, I was concerned her last day would be super tough and potentially even more emotional, so I coordinated an after school lunch date (the last day was a 1/2 day)  with her BFF to ease the pain and it was a huge success. These girls giggled and played and left happy campers. We assured them we'd get them together lots over their break and we made good on that promise! More of that to come. 

On Kennedy's first day of Kindergarten (7-25-13) I asked her some questions and I thought this would be a good post to add those to. 
Favorite color: Light Purple
Favorite TV Show: America's Funniest Home Videos (haha)
Favorite Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Who is your Best Friend: Becca 
What is your favorite thing to do: Color
What do you love most about Avery: That she helps me clean up
Greyson: his laugh
Daddy: He helps me with stuff sometimes. 
Mommy: Thankful she makes us food everyday
What do you want to be when you grow up: A babysitter
What is your favorite food: Cheese
What are you looking forward to most about Kindergarten: seeing the cafeteria

I loved all those answers and now that we've started 1st grade I've asked her the exact same questions...funny how a year changes things ;). 

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  1. I think this is great! I especially love the questions at the bottom...I think it's funny to see how kids change and think.