Sunday, August 3, 2014

It all started...

....with a little sunflower seed in Kindergarten. Kennedy's class learned all about plants and photosynthesis last year. As part of the learning process, they planted sunflower seeds and during the last week of school they brought their little seedling plants home. 
 She almost drove us batty wanting to plant this precious little seedling. This little plant was HER plant and it was a BIG deal! 
 One Sunday after church, in late April we transplanted her sunflower seedling into our jungle of a flower bed in our backyard. 
 The first few days and weeks after transplanting, things were looking grim and when her baby brother ripped it from the ground a week after that I really thought all hope was lost and I was so sad for her. She REALLY wanted to watch it grow into a flower and I wanted it for her. 
 I may or may not have threatened Avery and Grey within an inch of their lives about not touching her precious plant and thankfully when Grey pulled it out the roots were still in tact so we planted it again and I crossed my fingers. 
 I'm happy to report that after re-planting it the 2nd time it really took off and has been growing all summer long. She has loved watching it grow and last week we started seeing signs that the actual flower would bloom soon. 
 How fitting that during her first week of First Grade, the beautiful bloom would make it's appearance (notice we de-jungled our beds in the meantime: hallelujah and amen). She was so excited when it bloomed. This weekend we got TONS of rain and I'm not sure how long our flower will be with us so we took a few pics. 
 She has enjoyed this process so much that it really excites me for our future garden plans of next summer - she's really going to love gardening. 


  1. That flower is almost as tall as she is - hahaha! I'm glad she's enjoying the gardening process. I bet Grey and Avery liked watching it grow and bloom too.
    By the way, your flower bed looks great now!

  2. WOW!!! That is awesome!! I love a good ol' sunflower and, funny, have been wanting to plant some of my own! Maybe Kennedy can give me some pointers!