Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 to go

It feels a bit surreal even typing that out. Only 10 weeks left and counting as this past Friday marked my 30th week of pregnancy. Whoa! I've been in full out nesting mode lately (this closet needs cleaned, this room needs curtains, my bathroom desperately needs painting, I need to get more swaddle wraps because my others are worn out after my babes + sisters, how will we do monitors, need to get stroller back out and car seat cleaned up and you know the drill). Some days it all just seems too much amidst the rest of life's stresses (Kennedy started 1st grade last week and homework officially started this week, Grey's 2nd bday party is this weekend, the consignment sale I sell in, volunteer at and shop is at the end of August and my item preparations haven't even begun yet, Kennedy turns 7 and has a party next month and then I'm due ~ yikes). I want to slow down and take it all in but some days it feels impossible. Despite the stress and chaotic schedule I'm trying to force myself to hang on to our normal family rhythms - up early for quiet time before babes wake, prep breakfast for us all and get in at least one cup of coffee while it's still hot, eat breakfast with my little people, get K to school, clean up kitchen and then go to the gym (kids play and Mommy releases stress: it's a win, win), home for play/to-do's, lunch and naps then back to get "big sissy" before we start homework, afternoon play time and dinner prep. It's a crazy busy day to day but I'm thankful the Lord slows me down enough to capture moments of joy with my sweet blessings. 
Kennedy is loving school and just like last year she gets in the car and promptly tells me about lunch, recess and who had to move their clip (who got in trouble). I've learned that details about her day will unfold as the afternoon goes on but it always makes me laugh that those are the things that she shares with me first. 
Avery is getting more and more verbal (those who know her are wearing their shocked "how can that be" face right now). Instead of just babbling and talking to talk, she's been asking some pretty neat questions. Today she wanted to know how the car worked and why cars go one way on one side of the road and why they go the opposite way on the other side of the road. Before bedtime she came up to me and said she needed to tell me something. I asked her what she needed to tell me and she tucked on my pajama top and said "Aww...Mommy...your shirt is getting to small." I love that she thought I wasn't aware. Priceless. Another thing Avery has been doing is praying more and more - at supper and on the way to take Kennedy to school. I always pray with K on her way to school...just for her day and for our day and for Daddy's day at work, but Avery has been wanting to do it lately and because the desire is there, I have let her take it over and it's precious. There is a great deal of repetitiveness, but she gets at the heart of things too which is so neat to hear and I'm so thankful she truly wants to do it. She thanks Him for good rest, she prays for kindness and good attitudes, she prays that Kennedy will have fun with her friends and learn and then she adds some funnies (yesterday it was that her nose would't bleed anymore which happened over a week ago, that Grey would not be grouchy...because he had been leading up to drop off yesterday, and that Mommy would have patience...clearly she's heard that before). Sweet, sweet moments.
Greyson started trying to potty train over the weekend and although it has been frustrating at times it's just an outward sign that time is a rollin' on by and my baby boy is growing up. Even when he's crying while attempting to potty I'm happy to sit in there on a little step stool and keep him company because I just adore being around him. He's been talking up a storm and his inflection coupled with his facial expressions and hand gestures CRACK ME UP! 

Tomorrow we have maternity pictures taken...again...can't believe we're here. Before I am even more pathetically behind in my blogging and thanks to a good friend prodding me along - here are my most recent bumpdate pics:

12 Weeks
16 Weeks
20 Weeks
 30 Weeks & hello baby! 

I am not certain how on earth I skipped between 20 and 30 weeks but I guess that's just par for the course when you've got three kiddos :). I'm excited we decided to document the pregnancy by getting maternity pictures tomorrow...it should be fun. Thankful I'll have those to add to my slim selection. 

I am still feeling pretty good though now I've reached that stage where it's hard to lean over and tie my tennis shoes and paint my toenails, etc. Tim and I did some yard work a couple of weekends ago and it was really evident to me that weekend that though I've been soldiering on with my workouts and daily routine, my body just can't take as much a this point. When you are used to be able to go, go, go and do, do, do around the house and with the kids - it's pretty tough to look at your spouse and just kinda say "I need to check out for a bit". I try really hard not to do that too often, but that need is arising much more frequently as of late and I'm thankful he never questions me or makes me feel guilty. In light of those feelings 9-10 weeks seems forever away but in light of all the things I'd like to check off my list, I know it'll be here before I know it. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Sweet blog of your babies stamped in time in what they are doing lately. I can hardly believe you are so close to Baby Quatro already. The baby bump pics are super sweet!!

  2. I can't believe you're so close! Loved seeing your pics:)