Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thunderbay Birthday

Friendship. It is so important! For people like me who are uber social, life just doesn't go well without it. I'm increasingly grateful that the Lord provided an old but quickly renewed friendship. When we moved to NC, I discovered (thanks to Facebook) that a girl I I went to high school with lived super close by. I mean honestly, she and I still can't get over how CLOSE we are distance-wise and how well our kiddos get along and how close they are ages. These two little ones have become thick as thieves. 
 They adore each other. 
 Can you tell? 
 I mean, seriously? 
 Avery constantly talks about Katelyn...when we'll see her again, when she's coming over, how she's her best friend: it's super presh. Likewise, Kennedy loves Katelyn's big sister Becca. Here recently Becca had a birthday party at Thunderbay Riding Academy and of course Avery was invited to hang out with Kate. The girls had such a blast and the party was so cute. 
 All of the horses that would be part of the party were dressed up and Avery got quite a kick out of that whole concept!
 Kennedy was totally in her element (I'm sure that shocks y'all, right?) Girlfriend is after her Mom's own heart - an animal lover through and through. 
 Avery captivated someone soon after we arrived as is true Avery fashion. The riding instructor kept calling her her "little buddy and little helper" for the day. She also lugged her around like this way more than was necessary but Avery adored every moment of being doted on. 
 When it was time to "saddle up", I really wasn't sure if Avery would go for it because last year at Kennedy's little riding lesson/bday party she was too nervous. Well, this is what that amount of time does for a girl folks - she was ABOUT it. 

 They had lots of little relay races and games planned for the kids to play while they rode the horses which I thought was really cool and not near as boring as riding in a circle a few times would have been, you know?  

 Katelyn was brave too - Jennifer and I were super proud of our little girls. 
 Kennedy's costume coordinated with her horse's :). 

 Sisters. Love.
The girls adored the party and had such a good time. Every time we go to their parties or they come to our parties or we meet them at the Y or for ice cream or have play dates I'm thankful. Thankful for my growing and renewed friendship with Jennifer and thankful for the friendship developing between our girls. The Lord created us for relationship and I'm thankful He has provided, even in our move. 

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  1. That looks like so much fun. I love how the kids and horses were dressed up. Wish we had somewhere like that around Lexington! Adalyn would be all about it!