Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Little Artist's

Don't y'all find that to be so true? I do! I ADORED art growing up and in high school I even won some awards. I remember thinking there were a lot of peers around me who were what I considered "better" than me at the time, but the reality is that art is all about "YOUR creativity and design". There really is no good and bad the way I see it...there's just YOUR creation and creation is cool. Most of what I did was textile or abstract so measuring accuracy wasn't really a possibility. I find that at my kids' ages...that is true as well - it's all just wonderful to me. I love the way they see things, I love watching their wheels turn as they decide what to create and I literally wish I could keep every single thing they make because each one is that precious to me (seriously) but I can't. I started taking pictures of Kennedy's art when she was little bitty and in daycare/preschool and I'm still doing it because I want to watch it progress, change and develop. Kennedy has major creative genes which I love and now she's in art which will foster some of that and I'm totally loving her projects. Don't you agree, they are fantastic? I know, I'm biased...I'm "the Mom". I'm okay with it. 

 Before we move on to my second artist, I have to tell y'all a funny story. So...I pick Kennedy up from school this week and she's got stuff all over her shirt. I'm like "whoa, what happened to your shirt". She's all nonchalant and like "oh, it's pastels from art". She then grabs my hand and in a serious tone says "not like pastels like pastel colors but the MEDIUM (long and drawn out in tone) pastel - it's kind of like chalk. Anyhow, I got some one me". And so we've entered the age where I now know nothing and she knows everything. Oh Lawd. I wanted to be like "sister - I know ALL ABOUT pastels" but I didn't I just smiled and said "oh, cool". Too funny. 

Avery is not as intense about her creations as Kennedy. I'm sure that shocks y'all to pieces, right. She'll probably blow my definition of abstract totally out of the water! Ha! What I do love is that no matter where she creates (the ymca, Sunday school, BSF, or home) she always comes running after and proudly thrusts it out to me and says with a wayward blink and smile "It's for you Momma, I made it for you". Love her sweet heart. 

Who knows if they'll always enjoy creating and art, but for now it's super fun to see what they come up with and of course I'm thankful to always be on the receiving end of their precious creations. 


  1. such sweet babies!!! I am loving watching Keagan start to enjoy coloring and writing his name as well.

  2. So cute! I've got to start taking pictures of art. Ours lives on the wall and then in a pile. Ha! I just saw on a blog that there is a free app called artkive where you can keep a profile for each of your kids and take pics of each piece and then you can make a book out of them. I love that idea. I need to try it!