Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Official Y'all!

Team Taylor is no longer a party of 5! 

Some of this post will be a Facebook re-run for some of you, but hang in there - I've put some special new stuff at the end for ya ;). 

We really wanted to share our surprise news with our friends in a creative way (thanks for the extra motivation Janine!) but were having a hard time determining exactly what that would look like. Well, fast forward to a little impromptu photo session with my main squeeze Grey wherein my sweet photos turned into multiple expressions on his behalf and utter exasperation on my behalf. The photos were not at all what I was hoping for but the more I looked at them, the more tickled I got and the more my creative wheels started turning. Voila - an idea was born. We posted the pictures on Facebook on April Fool's Day with captions compliments of Tim and I combined. Without further ado: our Album titled "True Story"
 "Greyson, Mommy & Daddy have something to tell you. Are you listening?"
 "We got you a new book and it's a true story. Do you know what it is?"
 Him: "A big brother? Awesome!" Us: "We're glad you're so excited!"
 Him: "I AM excited - I mean, there is a LOT and I do mean a LOT of estrogen in this house - maybe we'll score another boy. How cool would that be?" Daddy: "I know! Right?!
 ♫ Because I'm happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I'm HAPPY! ♫
 Him: "Hold up, is this an April Fool's joke?"
 Him: "I mean, if this is an April Fool's joke - I seriously don't think I'll ever speak to you two again. Seriously."
That is so messed up! I can't believe you would do that to me!"
 Us: "No baby, it's real. We promise. Why don't you read your new book and find out what being a big brother is all about?!"
 Him: "Wait. What? I'm going to have to share with him? Like, even my choo-choo's?"
Us: Honey, keep reading - being a big brother is about SO MUCH more than that...just think about your big sisters and how much you love them and how good they are to you."
 Him: "Right, right - If he is anything like my sisters it will be all good. Let's do this! So, when does he arrive?" 
Us: "Well, first of all we don't know if the baby is a he/she but your little sibling will arrive early October 2014."

Since I was 12 weeks on April 1st, I went ahead and got my bump pictures going (there was definitely one there!)
12 Weeks
12 Weeks
12 Weeks

One month later, on May 1st I was at my 16 week mark so I tried to take the exact same photos but you know - I've decided that never exactly works out. Close enough! I'm feeling really good - still running and working out a good bit trying to stay as fit as possible. In my other pregnancies, staying healthy was important but I don't know if it was as much as priority as this time around and I think it's because I know keeping up with 4 is going to be no easy task. I mean, if I can keep working hard now - it will be that much easier afterwards. Right? 
16 Weeks
16 Weeks
I felt the little peanut move for the first time last week. Fetal movement is still as amazing now as it was with Kennedy. Thankful for our little surprise miracle. 


  1. A) No prob, sister! Glad I could add some motivation to this 4th miracle! :) Love April Fool's "joke" idea on FB with Grey. I'm fairly certain I had a comment for each pic on FB too. :)
    B) I still am in shock that you are 16 weeks. I know time flies, BUT REALLY!?!! I thought you were like 8 the last time we talked about you being pregnant. Not true, but still. Time flies. S/he will be here before we know it!!
    C) I love the silhouett

  2. as I was saying before your blog rudely stopped me...
    C) I love the silhouette bump idea! Something different and as that belly grows those images will be all the more stunning!
    D) Ahh the feel of a baby moving inside you...there's nothing more amazing. I miss that!

  3. Yay for bump pictures!!! AHHH! So exciting. I absolutely love this series of pictures and Grey's facial expressions and your commentary. This was an awesome way to announce baby #4! I can't wait to meet him/her!