Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Magic School Bus

Do y'all remember that show? I LOVED it. Kennedy was so incredibly excited about getting to ride the bus on the day of her first field trip,  you would have though it was magical. I honestly couldn't tell what was more exciting - the field trip or the bus ride! 
 I was really glad that I was able to chaperon this field trip to Hodges Farm Pumpkin Patch. Being at home with two little ones while Kennedy is at school doesn't leave me with a ton of volunteer opportunities. On this particular day, my Mom was in town and graciously agreed to watch "the littles" so I could be a part of the kindergarten field trip and I'm so very thankful because I enjoyed every moment!
 The day started with a farm tour. This particular farm has been in the Hodges family for 11 generations and it's a true working farm so there were lots of animals to be seen. 
 My group consisted of Kennedy and her two best buddies. I wish so badly I could share all the precious pictures I took of these three at the farm that day but without speaking with the girls' mothers I don't feel at liberty to do so. Trust me though- they are adorable, adorable little girls and such sweet friends to my Kennedy. 
 After a class hayride around the farm it was time to pick our pumpkins. I laughed because all the boy groups were done with their selection REAL quick but me and my three beauties took our sweet time touching, rolling over, picking up and truly analyzing our pumpkins until each found their perfect one! 
 Apparently there was a yellow ladybug sighting and they were most enamored with it. 
 It was so fun getting to watch Kennedy interact with her class mates and it was so nice to spend some time with them too - getting to know them and just love on them. I'm so thankful for a season in life where I can take advantage of special times like these - she's growing up entirely too fast and I want to freeze time with first baby!
 Kennedy's teaching assistant sent me this on my way to the school to pick Kennedy up off the bus - apparently a long day at the farm will wear a girl out. 
 It was a great first field trip and successful first bus ride! 


  1. So fun that you were able to go! She's getting so old:/ I'm not ok with it:)

  2. I remember falling asleep on the school bus both after school and fieldtrip! Glad you got that picture!