Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fairy Tale Ball

Kennedy is currently on her Fall break from school, but the Friday before Fall Break began the elementary school had a Fairy Tale Ball. Each grade of her school has been studying fairy tales of all sorts for the last couple of weeks and the cherry on top of that study was "the ball". Kennedy's class created shields and were asked to decorate an old shoe in the theme of their favorite fairy tale. Well, of course my girl chose Sleeping Beauty - she has loved it since the first time she ever saw it and has now read several version as well. 

I didn't have an old pair of heels to donate for the fairy tale cause, so we hit up the local Salvation Army and purchased a pair of pink pumps for like $2: score! I tried really hard to work with Kennedy on this project, but let's be honest - there is a high level of parental involvement necessary when your child is in kindergarten. Basically after much discussion and planning it seemed clear bedazzling was in our future. 
 Hot glue gun + jewels from Michales + mod podge + glitter = bedazzled masterpiece! 
 The finished product! Daddy gets credit for finding the fairy godmothers and spinning wheel images. 
 The rosette embellishments - all Kennedy! 
Kennedy is such a crafter - she gets all excited just like I do and she kept saying "this is going to be the BEST shoe in my class, I just know it". I was not able to scope out our competition, (aka all the other fairy tale shoes), but I feel as though mine Kennedy's was pretty awesome. Ha!
 After the Fairy Tale Ball - all dressed up and with all of her crafts from the day. Some days I pick Kennedy up from school and it's like pulling teeth to get any information from her about her day, but on this day she was talking my ear off: she loved it! 
 Avery raised high holy heck in my front yard BEGGING to be in the picture and I finally agree to allow her in the photo with Kennedy and this is what she did. Lord help me. 
 Honey came to visit for a little while that Friday afternoon, so we took her to our favorite local spot to kick off Fall Break - Dollar Cone! Soft serve with your choice topping on a cake cone - $1: yes, please! 

 Now for a "littles" update. Check my man in his super cute dude duds! The belt? Oh my. 
 Now that Grey is a walker, I've been trying to ensure he's wearing shoes...after all, we aren't in KY anymore. I kid, I kid! Honestly, not only does Ave NEVER have on shoes, but clothing is optional in her opinion (sigh). Anyhow - I want him to be used to shoes before winter and he's been doing pretty good. 
 Every time I get my camera out lately, Avery will say "Take one of me Momma" and then she smiles like this: Not.Pretty.
 Whenever Kennedy first started school I tried really hard to get Avery and Grey on the same nap schedule, but honestly some days it works and some days it doesn't. You fellow Momma's know - you gotta get a break during the day so often times when Grey naps, Avery eats lunch like this while watching a movie. It's all about survival right? That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 


  1. Oh my where to start. Love the Fairy Tale Ball, so fun, love the big boy belt, love the smiles and dimples and optional clothes, love the crossed leggs while eating ice cream. Just love, love, love:)

  2. Hahahaha Avery's smile makes me laugh! That girl has so much SPUNK!!!! It's hilarious. And the decorated fairy tale shoe is awesome. Sounds like she is doing great with kindergarten! Um, and where did your baby go!?!! He's a toddler now! You have TWO TODDLERS! Ha!

  3. That shoe was awesome. I loved Sleeping Beauty when I was little. Reading this post made me think that I don't think Adalyn's ever seen it! It's in the vault so who knows when it'll be available to buy again. I need to get on this!! Love Avery. She's so crazy! And those shorts/belt on grey are so cute. I want to squeeze him!

  4. Yes, yes, and an Amen to trying to get nap time and/or rest time at the same time. I have put Ruthie in her high chair with some crayons and coloring book in front of the TV with Super Why going while Olivia napped just to get a shower or some clothes washed. I may have even taken a small nap if Olivia wakes too early!