Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good Times

A couple weekends ago at the end of Kennedy's fall break, Declan came over to have a sleep over. Now that the weather is turning cooler (read: bearable) we really want to get out and take the kids camping and we want Declan to come along. My sister and her hubs thought it might be helpful for him to "trial run" being away from them for the night and being with us and I'm happy to report that said mission was a total success! 
 We did lots of playing and some indulging in home made peach ice cream: yum! 
 I'm really looking forward to taking them all camping in a couple of weeks - they are going to LOVE it! It will be Declan and Avery's first time camping, but clearly entertaining one another shouldn't be an issue:
 Avery has decided pants are optional when we are home and I've decided that battle is an optional one as well - I'm not having it and thus the pantslessness continues. 
 On Sunday morning before church, I tried my hardest to get a sweet cousin picture but it just wasn't going to happen. Oh well, memories made and documented (smiles or no smiles). 
 Bless whoever had these two in Sunday school because they are DOUBLE TROUBLE!

The next pics are just random fun pictures from life lately. Grey is pointing quite frequently - sometimes we know what he is pointing at and sometimes we don't. I do know this: it's so stinking cute I can't take it. 
 Who doesn't love a little finger dimple + wrist roll action?
 Avery and her BFF Katelyn - this is what they do when they are together: dress up, repeat, dress up, repeat, fight over a certain outfit, make up, dress up, repeat. 
 and dance!

 Tim came home with these glasses one night and the kids had some good fun with them. I could barely stop laughing long enough to get pictures, but I ended up with some funny ones. 

 Grey wanted to wear them, but when I put them on he'd cry - apparently a large nose and bushy eyebrows don't do me any favors ;). 

Oh these kids - they do keep me smiling! 

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  1. I love the pointing finger!!! Finn won't point with a finger. He points with his fist; you know, like a kid who's mom said "quit pointing" and so he continues to "point" just without actually pointing! And who doesn't wish they had the "clothing-optional" attitude when laying around the house? I mean, it must be freeing! ;)