Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall and Family

My sister and I recently received a visit from our Dad and Kathy (aka Grandaddy and Gigi). Although we are in the same general area, we live about 25 minutes driving distance from one another so we wanted to plan a get together while Dad and Kathy were here so we could all be in one place at once. Enter the Fall Festival at Casa de Wall. We pulled out all the fall festival stops beginning with home made Pumpkin Scones for breakfast - yum! There was lots of snuggling and playing during after breakfast:

 All boy - LOVES playing with Declan's boy toys. 

 After playing around for a bit and getting all cleaned up we took the party outside for some fun.

 Melissa had seen this idea for creating home made Massive bubbles and she really wanted to do it so she got busy and made it happen. After some mop string, tomato stakes and a little engineering (go boys!) we had the perfect bubble maker. Melissa had made the special bubble solution the night prior and all I know is it required the use of something called guar gum that she purchased at whole foods. 
 Tim was our official bubble blower and the kids were most intrigued about this whole process: 
 Voila! BIG BUBBLES!!!!
 At times I'm not sure who was enjoying the incredible display more: the adults or the children! 
 So much fun! Watch bubble, run, pop, repeat!
 Gigi finally had the brilliant idea to coral the kids until the bubble was good and released so they wouldn't just pop it right away. 
 Once it looked safe to go - it was game on.
 Full steam ahead - who will get there first?
 Then the shower of bubble solution would occur after popping! They were loving it!

 I suppose Kennedy thought she could maybe eat it or pop it with her teeth? Not sure what was happening here but it's funny either way. 

 The babies just took it all in: 

After the bubble blowing we moved onto pumpkin carving, but I'll save that for the next post. It was such a fun filled family day! 


  1.!! I want to try it now!

  2. How fun!! I'm sure the boys were all about the bubble engineering:) Looks like a beautiful day for fall activities!

  3. ummm, we are going to need a tutorial from Tim on how "the boys" came about making the gigantic bubble wand! please, please, please. It is for ministry purposes. I think the youth would love it!

  4. never mind, found the link on the page! So excited try it!