Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sweet baby E

As I shared recently, my sister who lives close by just had a baby. I was thrilled, not only to be able to help her with her son but also to be able to go to the hospital to meet E soon after she made her debut. You know I took my camera along!

This first picture makes me smile because for all of us Momma's - you know this newborn face and can probably hear the cry that matches too (those early hours of figuring it all out and meeting your new little family addition!) Priceless.

Here is my sister, doing what is all consuming post - delivery: nursing! Although she was exhausted from the 2nd most empowering experience of her life, she still looks beautiful and baby E is the picture of peaceful.
A few days after Melissa went home, I took the girls over to meet their new niece.
 Kennedy is such a good big sister and I love watching her with her younger cousins too - she is wonderful with them.
So strange seeing  your baby hold a baby - she's growing up! Speaking of growing up, she says she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up. Well, if she is to be a babysitter - she's going to be a fantastic one! =)
Welcome home sweet, precious bundle. If only we could tell you how much you are already loved.
Melissa thankfully indulges my inner photography wannabe tendencies and let me take pictures of Ellie at 1 week of age ~ some of them are SO sweet (if I do say so myself ;).


Oh my word, after looking back through these I do believe it may be possible to have baby fever even when you have a baby. I think I'll go pray about that now ;)!


  1. I think I need to go pray, too! She is gorgeous and your pics are great!!!

  2. Precious. Absolutely precious.

  3. So cute!! Great pictures by the way!! You have a knack!! And I think I will always have baby fever!!