Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh these two

They are quite the pair! I'm so thankful for Kennedy - for the help she is to me and willingly so. Kennedy has been camping with her Daddy this weekend and it's given me a glimpse into my life without her during the day and it's not super fun! I'm glad she'll have so much fun when she starts school, but this Momma is going to miss her terribly. Poor Avery has been asking non-stop where she is and I know that scenario will be on daily repeat once Kennedy starts school. I'm going to soak up and savor all the sweet moments like these ones:
Kennedy loves to help me feed brother but brother gets so tickled at just the sight of her that I'm not certain how much of the food makes it into his little belly.

It's so cute, I keep letting her help me even though it makes a complete and total mess.
This little one is growing up so fast. He is such a joy!

I really am trying to take in every day and laugh when they are funny, not get stressed when they make a mess and daily let go of the fact that my house stays a wreck because I know he'll be the age of my big girl before I know it. Speaking of my big girl, she lost another tooth - that's four now! Losing both of those top teeth has really changed her appearance, don't you think?
We were at my friends house on 4-11 and Kennedy kind of disappeared for a little bit which isn't like her. Before long I heard her calling me from the bathroom so of course I go rushing in because the whole thing was a bit atypical. As soon as I close the door behind me I see blood all over her hands and in the sink and I'm all "what happened"?! She tells me that she was playing with her friend and when she fell into a nearby pillow her tooth got knocked. I ask her to open her mouth and oh my word y'all - I was not prepared for that Mommy moment. Her tooth was partially hanging on to her gum but it was attached on the inside towards the roof of her mouth. In other words, I could see into the top of her tooth - gag!!! It's funny how adrenaline can kind of take over in those moments - she was kind of a mess, shaking, sweating and half crying. In all honesty, I think she was more embarrassed than anything which is just kind of funny to me now - I mean: what is there to be embarrassed about? Anyhow, I jumped right into action and had her lay down while I composed myself enough to figure out how the heck I was going to get that tooth the remainder of the way out because it definitely HAD to come out. I decided pushing it in the other direction was the best option so we did the ole' standby count to three like with a band aid and I put my thumb up under it and out it popped. It popped up and landed on one of her eyes - remember she was laying down on her back. Tooth: 0 Mom: 1! Once she got over the shock of the whole situation, she was most excited about an upcoming visit from the tooth fairy. Here's my little toothless wonder:
Love those freckles!


  1. AH I am sweating and gagging and shaking myself! She is losing her teeth too fast for my liking! ;) Grey is such a happy boy! I love all those pics of his happy little self. AND p.s. you are doing a fantastic job as what if the house is a mess? The mess will keep...but your babies won't. (there's some kind of poem about that...but I can't remember)

  2. The sixth picture down he's got on an Avery face. I'm so glad he's a happy boy and loving his awesome big sis.
    I'm with Janine - GAG over the tooth situation in the bathroom.
    Lindsy, you really are a wonderful mother. You make time for each kid and you do a wonderful job "being in the moment" in their childhood. Honestly, you are a great model of what Motherhood is and should be. You and Janine both do your best at mothering your children. Your best is enough. You are enough. These children will have lots of wonderful memories of their childhood because you took the time to just be with them. That's far more important than how thick the dust is on the end tables.

  3. These pictures are all so sweet. I can't believe how old K looks! Seeing the pictures makes me so lonesome!

  4. Thank you for your sweet words Courtney....I am appreciative of encouragment in all forms! Love you!