Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some of the late goings on

The little man - he is a teething machine. Our current count = 6! I kid you not - kid's got teeth! This is the best shot I've gotten of what he has up top but those eye teeth are through the gum now - crazy!
Grey doesn't seem very interested in crawling, even with his favorite persons encouragement!

He is sitting up like a champ and is now scooting along on his hind end, but that's about the extent of our mobility. Hey, I'm in no hurry brother!

 We so rarely capture smiles from Ave, that I had to share her in "airplane" action with her accompanying big grin.
Honey was recently here for an extended visit waiting for her new granddaughter's arrival. My girls were so excited when she came over that they waited by the window and then ran to the door to greet her.
I'm happy to report that Avery is potty trained and this picture was relatively soon after that development and therefore she felt the need to show Honey her new duds: "big girl panties!"
I saw this idea on Facebook but I think it came from Pinterest and was actually more so an idea for the bathtub - to keep toys within reach, but it works nicely in the kitchen too.
kiddie cage, baby jail, or whatever else you like to affectionately call it:
I still don't understand why it is that whenever new baby toys are put out or new baby ideas are implemented the older ones want in on it:
I mean, honestly - give the kid his toys back, he's in jail for crying out loud. Listen, I'm completely open to putting the big girls in the pack-n-play if this idea is so appealing ;).
I kid, I kid.....
 We had lots of fun with Honey and she got some serious Avery love as usual:

Before there were two legged children in our lives, these two got most of our love and affection (along with the ones who've "gone" before). We don't even really take pics of the poor pooches anymore, but Tim was grilling recently and snapped them in their sunbathing glory. Although they aren't as spoiled as they used to be...they are still pretty spoiled.

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  1. Wow the chompers on brother! I sooooo wish Finn's would just come in instead of tormenting him so. Thanks for catching us all up!