Saturday, May 4, 2013

I find few things more beautiful

than a pregnant woman. Maybe that sounds weird, but it's the truth! I mean, it still blows my mind...the way God created us, to create another - unbelievably miraculous! Being here, in NC and seeing my sister regularly throughout her pregnancy really beat all (to steal a line from my Grandaddy). Naturally, because I adore being behind the camera, I offered to take pictures of her before she delivered her sweet baby girl. Now, I should state ahead of time that I am not a professional nor do I claim to be - I simply love taking pictures...documenting memories and capturing special moments so I, (and others) can remember them forever. Photography has gotten so much about editing and tweaking and "touching up" that it has changed the "game" a bit in my opinion. I'm blessed (thanks to my in-laws) to have a wonderful camera and that fact alone is responsible for about 60% of any good images I manage to capture. For me, I love the creativity of photographing things and people - angles, colors, moments. I confess that I dream up images/poses, etc. way before the actual moment they are taken. Nowadays with Pinterest you can get a ton of things but truthfully it's just me and my brain and my camera right now and that's about all I can handle. light of all of the aforementioned I feel like we got some pretty good shots. These are my favorite:
I got some cute pics when I was doing my "light check". These two were in the "touchdown" pose - thanks to her Uncle Steve my child actually knows that phrase and position. 
I'm not sure what this goofy girl is doing here, but I thought it was cute nonetheless.
One of the things I adored about seeing Melissa pregnant was witnessing how much D LOVED her belly - seriously! He was constantly pulling up her shirt, talking to baby E and kissing it, laying on it, snuggling it - so stinking cute I just can't even describe it adequately to y'all.

Her hubs did it right and gifted her with an anniversary band with the little one to comes' birthstone. Score Daddy!

I can't recall what they were so tickled about in this shot, but I love the end result!

The whole time I was taking her pictures, I kept saying "beautiful, gorgeous, & oh my word" because I just couldn't help it - all of those things were perfectly accurate.

and it was a wrap! Some sweet moments with Daddy finished up our "shoot".

That sweet baby has since made her arrival and I've had the privilege to take her pictures and she's a beauty. You'll have to come back to see her soon :).


  1. OH MY GOSH Lindsy....these are so fantastic!!!! She looks (or looked, I guess) stunning and you captured it so well!!!! What a gorgeous family. Great Job!!!

  2. These are great! That first picture of Declan is AVERY! They could be siblings! So sweet.