Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easter Eggstravaganza

I want to start off by saying: "buckle your seat belts folks - it's going to be a long ride". I know there are insanely too many pictures in this posting for one entry but I didn't want to have like three Easter postings and so I've crammed it into one. Although Easter wasn't long ago, I had fun re-living it all through photos.
Our first Easter project/craft/activity was making jelly bean bags for our MOPS friends and teachers. I'm not sure where I saw this little poem for the first time but I found it when we were moving in some of my things and wanted to pass it on because I thought it was so great to have for kiddos. I determined we would need about 30 little baggies so our first step in the creative process was sorting jelly beans or "jubby beans" as Avery called them (so cute). Kennedy is firstborn to a T - she loves a project and she is very much a perfectionist so this was right up her alley.

 Avery was only willing to watch for so long but then she wanted in on the process, so after a thorough (VERY thorough) explanation from big sister - she was put in charge of the orange jelly beans which are also known as the owng jubby beans.
 I was very impressed with Avery's dedication to her orange jelly bean separating task. I will say that she asked about every other jelly bean if she could have it. I can't blame a girl for trying...I'm all about "one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me" when it comes to sweets ;).
 The progression in pictures made me laugh because our mornings usually consist of the following routine: snuggle, breakfast, play until Grey gets fussy, put Grey down for nap and all get dressed for the day and then go back downstairs to play some more until he wakes up and then we are usually headed out somewhere. Clearly, after the jelly bean separating we went upstairs to get dressed because we went from PJ's to -
 I would like to point out that in the above picture, Avery is smiling which is a rarely photographed expression for that child in particular: victory!
 I thought the jelly beans looked so pretty once they were all separated. Is it just me?
 The finished product - aren't they cute?
 Jelly Bean Prayer
Red for the blood He gave
Green for the grass He made
Yellow for His sun so bright
Orange for the edge of night
Black for the sins we made
White for the grace he gives
Purple for His hour of sorrow
Pink for our new tomorrow
A bag of jelly beans, colorful and sweet is a prayer, is a promise, is a small childs treat.
The week before Easter we were able to get together with our friends the Englar's and dye Easter eggs. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that this was the first time the girls and I have dyed Easter eggs. I know, I know, but I don't really recall doing it much as a child so I guess it just didn't really dawn on me to do it with mine. I have, however, made lots of bunny cakes and done Easter egg hunts and what not. We'll be dyeing Easter eggs each year from now on because the girls and I really enjoyed it.
 Notice how on Avery's first run she immediately gets dye on her fingers. Classic Avery.
 Jennifer's crew had a tie dye Easter egg kit and it was neat - they let us try it out.
 Me and my sweet peas!
 So, so thankful for this re-kindled friendship because our kiddos love each other to pieces and have such a good time together. We Momma's always have a really good time too - parenting is always more fun in numbers, right?

 Our purdy 1st dyed Easter eggs
 The Easter bunny visited our house Easter morning and left everyone some goodies.

 A new teether for Grey.
 Pet shops, Barbies, Ponies and coloring books for the girls along with some candy too of course.
 Somehow we managed to get in a pancake breakfast and Easter basket opening before getting ready for church! Look at this good lookin' bunch:
 So thankful Avery gave it her best, as usual.

 For every "I hate the camera" glare Avery gives me, Kennedy can kick out like 12 super stellar poses like this one:
 Love their little different hearts. I'm totally hearing the "Love your Neighbor" Veggie Tales song in my head right now about being different but being special to God.
 So thankful for Easter - a time to remember that the overwhelming love I have for these three pales in comparison to the love our Heavenly Father wants to lavish on us - a love strong enough that he would sacrifice his own son...for us. Incomprehensible.

 Last, but certainly not least: the Easter Egg hunt. We went to my sisters neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and the kids had so much fun hunting eggs.

 I was on camera duty, the Daddies were on kid duty and thus Aunt Melissa was on baby duty....I don't think she minded very much - what do you think?

There were even little egg races and other games for the kids:

 I mean, I figure if you can get them all three looking in the general direction of the camera it's a success, right? I like

I hope all of you had a blessed and special Easter!


  1. So sweet! I love Avery's expressions in most pictures. Cracks me up since I so understand having a not-smiling-for-the-camera child:)

  2. Avery's smile is adorable!!! I love this post and all the fun you had to celebrate Easter! And the jelly bean thing is neat...and would make a great center piece before giving the jubby beans away! Your pics just get better and better...and I am not opposed to a post full of pics! ;)