Monday, April 1, 2013

Hodge Podge & 7

Nana and Pawpaw (always prepared) brough Easter goodies for the girls while they were here for Avery's party. My kiddos are so blessed to have them and so are we!
Wind ups...they never get old, do they?
clearly K agrees with me:
My Mother In Law always finds the coolest little things - this is a sidewalk chalk holder. Basically this cool little doodad keeps you from getting chalky - how cool is that?

Avery was most excited about the candy - she gets that from me sadly. She refers to these as "Jubby Beans" - adorable. 
Just some shots of my sweet, happy and spit up covered boy.

I try to keep the camera close for when sweet moments like these occur. Avery's often asking to "nuggle" Kennedy and here they were "nuggling" and watching a movie while having a popcorn snack.

Speaking of snuggling - another "action shot" taken when their besties were over for a play date. There's a lot of love in that chair!
Grey has been teething like a total champ - he currently has 4 with another 2 about to make their appearance. These little net/mesh food teethers are awesome. I purchased a pack of two when Kennedy was teething and they went through both she and her sister and Grey is a fan as well. You can put any kind of fruit chunks or vegetable chunks in here and they can just gnaw on it without concern for choking. For teething, I've found that freezing grapes cut in half make an awesome teether insert because they are juicy and cold.
aahhhh...frozen grape popsicle!

My boy turned 7 months on the 12th of March and I had a little impromptu photo shoot. Some of these pictures are so incredibly sweet and clear, but the coloring is off (so frustrating!). I sat down this past weekend and read through part of my camera manual and watched some youtube tutorials which were helpful and hopefully I can nip this kind of coloring in the bud without the need of editing software (though I do have some, I just don't have the time to use it). Anyhow - without further ado, I present my growing boy:

7 month pics posted today, 8 month birthday in 11 more days - such is life! 


  1. Oooh I want to pluck him out of that last picture and "nuggle" him!! How are these babies growing so so quickly?? I miss ALL of your babies!! AND I so need to get some of those mesh thingys.

  2. Man, Greyson is such a stinking cute baby!!! I need to "nuggle" your babies too!!!!

  3. Hey girl! What was your white balance set on in your camera? You can set a custom white balance and then use it whenever you are in that particular part of the house. Color kills me too, but I have learned a lot from my online photography class. I might can give you a few pointers. I love the catch-lights in his eyes!

  4. PRECIOUS!!! Oh my word, Greyson is a living doll!!!

  5. Love the pictures. I could just kiss those chubby baby cheeks!!