Sunday, April 7, 2013

Irish you would kiss me

Saint Patrick's Day/Weekend was pretty uneventful for us. Don't get me wrong - I look for any and all reasons to celebrate (aka - involve food and crafts in some way) but I'm not a HUGE Saint Pat's Day person. In all honesty I've never fully understood the holiday all that well, but thanks to this article I learned some things I didn't know - one of which was that blue should be the color associated with Saint Patricks Day, rather than green: did you know that?

I also learned a fun little factoid about clover and I don't think I'll ever see them the same way again:
Kennedy had a MAJOR snaggle tooth going on that weekend - it was driving Tim and I nuts so he offered to yank it for her and she was actually brave enough to let him try it (it was a big fail by the way). Apparently teeth are kind of slippery even with a paper towel and pliers. This entire scene made this Momma kind of sick - I'm just keepin' it real. So..the snaggle lived on.
I mean - let's just all say a collective: "ew":
Clearly on Sunday when we got dressed for church I failed to work green into our attire, and when I say I failed - I mean I COMPLETELY forgot. Oh well...
I feel as though my afternoon outfit selection may have redeemed me:
The above picture serves as proof for you all that Avery does actually know how to form a smile in a picture....just not very often and only when she wants to and the stars are aligned perfectly and well, you follow me.
Team Taylor was most excited to spend the afternoon with Team Wall. The most excited of us all: mini Wall, aka ladies man. We had some awesome weather so we headed to the park. 
This little man LOVES a swing: 
I love these next few pictures because although my man can step over dirty clothes and toys and all kinds of other things that I can't seem to step over or around and I often get frustrated over it - he is THE BEST DADDY! He loves to play with the girls and not because he has to or because he needs to be asked, just because he enjoys it and it makes me and them so very happy:

Declan loves his "Dideddy and she loves him.

Um - the shorts? Too funny. Our poor short kids - they've no choice but to constantly look like they are rockin' jams/coolots - whatever you like to call shorts that are ridiculously too long. Thank goodness he's so cute he can pull it off.

Grey is A.BOUT the airplane, but I've not gotten it captured on camera because I'm always behind the camera. Thanks to my big sister - we've now got it documented.

My big silly girl!
Playin' with Daddy:

As you can imagine, trying to get a picture of these four proved to be quite the challenge. Despite Grey being TOTALLY D.O.N.E. - I kept clicking for memories sake.

These boys don't know it yet, but they are going to be the best of friends!
 Finally - our supper of hamburgers made it happen, the snaggle came out!
Super jazzed that the tooth fairy would be coming soon! 
We had a pretty good Saint Patricks Day!


  1. Love the green outfits! The picture of the 3 kids with Avery smiling with her tongue stuck out? Adorable. Captures their little personalities:)

  2. Ooh my word. The snaggle tooth made my tummy churn! But I love her face once the tooth is out (ketchup and all!)...such a big girl. Those kids are precious and I want so bad to snuggle them. Am gonna have to look up all this st pattys day stuff.. interesting! But glad it's green bc I like green better. Ha!