Monday, June 3, 2013

8 is great!

It honestly makes me laugh out loud that 9 days prior to my son turning 10 months old, I'm sharing his 8 month pictures. My existence can just about be summed up in that statement - so behind all the time and completely behind the 8 ball just in general, BUT trying desperately to be fully present in each moment with my family and that is what redeems me (or at least that's what I'm telling myself). Here are some pictures I took of my little man at 8 months:

 This simple little teether was taken from Nana's house and each of my kids has loved it - I'm not sure if it's the ridges on the ring or what but he's a fan. Speaking of teething, I can't really remember life before it - it's a constant. At this age he had 4 and was cutting a 5th.
 It's true what people say about your "baby" (the child you suspect will be your last) soak up and treasure every little thing - I find myself staring at his toes and his little dimples on his fingers.
 I try to pause in those moments when he looks up at me and then when I smile he reflects a big one right back at me and it completely warms me from the inside out.
 His eyes remind me of his Daddy's - they show every emotion...when he smiles they turn up a tad at the outer corner and just sparkle. Speaking of his eyes: he may be the only child of mine without blue eyes. Currently they are a little greenish but I'm not sure if they aren't going to turn brown which would make him look even more like his Daddy.
 Except for the teething pain and meal time (where food cannot possibly enter his mouth fast enough) he is a really happy and just content little baby (Praise Jesus!).

 It's always fun to try to determine who your kids look like and truthfully I feel as though they are all a good mix of Tim and I. One thing is for certain - they surely favor each other. Here is Avery at 8 months:
 Here is Kennedy at 8 months in the same dress Ave is wearing above.
 I was having such a good time strolling down memory lane, I'm going to share another picture of Kennedy at 8 months because it was just too cute not to.
The time is rollin' on by. I can hardly believe Grey will be 10 months in 9 days and 1 year in 2 months - holy cow!


  1. I totally remember that day that picture of Kennedy in the purple dress was taken! Wow does time fly! :( <3 Chels

  2. avery and greyson have the same hair and hairline... but i think he has K's nose and lips. Nobody can match Avery's big ol' lips... You'd think she had work done already.

  3. This made many heart flutter...the way you talked about him. So sweet. I, too, cannot believe that he is near 10 months old. And just so you know, I thought that first picture of Avery was actually Kennedy. There is no denying that your kids are siblings!

  4. The way you write so tenderly about Greyson is such a sweet glimpse into your heart. He is absolutely darling and handsome!! It is so fun to stroll down memory lane... all 3 of your babes are so precious.

  5. Roll by they do and at mock speed! Celebrating a 5th grade graduation on Monday...where did those 6 years go? Hold on tight...

  6. Sweet baby! Love the pics of the girls:) Where does time go??