Sunday, June 16, 2013

Something new

These first couple of pictures don't really "go" with the post, but they were too cute not to share. Here is my sweet little teething machine trying out his first taste of Mommy's ice cream treat:
 Yum ~ although it was cold, he enjoyed it!
Thanks to my sisters new baby, we got some company - a visit from Gigi and Grandaddy.
When we sold our house in Lexington, the couple who bought it asked for our play set to be essentially rolled into the sale. I really didn't want to let it go but Tim convinced me it was best and he promised that when we got settled, we would get the girls another play set. Well....we've been in NC for almost a year with no play set and my sister made the insanely generous offer to give us her girls' play set since they had basically outgrown it. My girls were SOOOO excited to be getting a play set and we were more thrilled that the only cost involved was the moving cost to get it from my sisters to our house: praise! Here they are anxiously awaiting for their play set to be re-constructed:

When I opened the door to pay the delivery guys, the girls came running out to get on their new play set - oh my word the joy!
Once we got a baby swing attached - the little man was super stoked too:

We have played on our new set almost every day since we've had it (except for rainy days of course). I foresee tons of memories on this play set in our future!

Look at those toofers:
Oh my sweet Avery - so hard to photograph, so hard to explain and even harder to catch a decent picture of until I tried to get some while she played on our new play set. The results make me smile a BIG smile:

Tim's Mom says Tim always had his little hands crossed like this and my sweet little pea does it quite often as well (just one of the millions of reasons genetics amaze me).
Be still my heart - that sweet little smile:
You'd never know from these pictures that this girl goes 90 to nothing and I can only sum up her demeanor as WIDE OPEN 24/7. I love every minute I get to spend with her and I couldn't be happier that she loves our new play set just as much as her sister loved our old play set. We are beyond thankful for my sisters generosity and I'm so excited I get to watch them interact, play, giggle and smile for years to come enjoying their something new.


  1. This is so super sweet and that playset looks Ah-Mazing! Avery's personality is so much fun and these pictures really do capture it perfectly! (sidenote. I love that while I am commenting on this blog post you are sitting RIGHT BESIDE me!)

  2. oh my goodness! Avery is getting so grown up! I guess Ruthie is too, but I see her all the time! ha

  3. That is awesome!! Yay for hand-me-downs, right? Those pics of Avery are precious.