Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scragglers & Snow

I found a few more Valentine pictures I wanted to share. After our cookie baking at the Englars house on Valentines Day evening, Kennedy had a sleep over and so their Daddy didn't get to give them their Valentines until the next evening when he got home from work. He bought a box of chocolates and some tulips for both Kennedy and Avery and they were most excited! I remember being VERY excited when my Dad gave me little thoughtful things for Valentines Day so I want Tim to be sure to give them that same excitement while they are in our home and their Daddy is their one and only Valentine!
 Although she's young, she really liked getting these pretty "fowers".

 sniff, sniff
 Look Mommy!
The day after Valentines we Southern folk received a nice little surprise ~ the white stuff!
 Thankfully they have a Daddy who loves to P.L.A.Y. so we got them all bundled up so they could do just that.
 It probably seems like my sweet Avery never smiles, but I promise.....
she does!
They ran, they made snow angles, they attempted sledding and of course they did the one thing that you must do when it snows:
They made a snowman!

 We made ourselves a Southern snowman - fit with pecans for eyes, mouth and buttons. Ha!

 Avery was complaining of cold hands so she came in while Kennedy and Tim proceeded to "dress" the snowman up. She wanted to watch out the window (you like her under bib duds?)
 silly goose
It's a Stantec snowman, I'm sure Tim's company would be so proud ;).
 The next morning we woke up and had pancakes and the girls were anxious to get back out in the snow and Tim obliged, knowing it wouldn't stay around for very long.
Despite all their hard work the night prior, the girls decided the first thing they wanted to do was knock their snowman down!
 Me: "Are you serious?" Avery: "huh?"
 Kennedy: "'s fun!" Me: "Well,'s your snowman"
Kennedy: "Besides, I want to eat him!"
 I can't imagine where she gets her snow eating desire from, can you?
 We love snow!


  1. WOW!!! you got SNOW! I am not a fan so I am not jealous....but wish Keagan could play in some! :) Now tell me....was it nighttime when you were building the snowman???
    Oh, and, I love that Tim does little things for the girls for Valentine's Day. I so remember and loved the things my dad would surprise me with.

  2. Oh, I love that Tim gave your girls each something special... I remember being so excited when my Dad came home on Valentine's Day because he always had a little something special for each of his girls. And their Daddy will always be their FIRST valentine :)
    SNOW?! How fun is that? Looks like it was enjoyed by all 3 of your snow goers!

  3. Wow!! How nice for you!! We have not seen any decent amount of snow this year! Boo! Glad your girls got to go out and play a little!! Looks like they had a blast! Especially with their daddy!