Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some fun pics!

Before I launch into Avery's birthday post, I figured I'd throw in some cute pictures I took in the days leading up to her party. Speaking of Avery, she is a riot! I know I say all the time that she keeps us laughing and she does, but aside from being funny she is also a hand full. In a split second I can walk into another room and when I return find something like this:
This is her baby doll pack-n-play, which is apparently strong enough to hold her as well.
It's looks like these that keep her cute little fanny out of trouble:
I'm tellin' y'all - she is a trip and a half. You like her outfit - stripe on stripe with a tutu on top!?
As if my birthday festivities didn't leave me feeling loved enough, Chelsea came in shortly after and was even here for Avery's birthday party. She brough me a really cool plaque that you hang your race metals on, like this:
Chelsea and I have a very funny dynamic - we are both super sarcastic and love a good laugh so after I opened it, I was all "I'm going to need 2 or 3 of these if ALL my medals are going to be hung up. Ha! Unfortunately the reality is this: I now run a few times a month (if I'm lucky) because it just doesn't feel like it used to before 3 kids. I do, however, still work out and am proud of the races I have completed so it'll be nice to look at that board every now and then and think about my glory days :). I think this is so cool too because honestly my medals have lived wrapped in paper towels in a shoebox (truth!). I remember watching an interview with Michael Phelps before the recent Olympics and he was saying his medals were all balled up in an old cosmetic case of his Mom's and I was like "hmmm...I get that". Well - not anymore and Michael Phelps (cause I'm sure you're reading) ahem - you too can get one of these boards if you have an awesome friend like Chelsea in your life.
Despite being BFF's with Kennedy, Greyson clearly knows that Chelsea has the MOJO - look at that sweet little stare of adoration:

Oh these girls and their playtime - they are so creative and they have so much fun:
I'm so thankful that they love playing together like they do - I hope it stays that way forever.
This last picture is one we snapped after a family greenway walk. Sometimes you've just got to document the cuteness of an outfit and this was one such time:

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  1. Love the playpen photos! And girl,, your glory days of running are not over, they are just on hold. You have a lot of running ahead of is all about balance and your scale is tipping towards your kids right now.. no worries, soon you can add a little back and get running! Let's plan a race with your sisters!