Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What better way to spend our Valentine's Day?

Than opening goodies from loved ones and baking goodies with besties?

My sisters amaze me for more reasons than I could ever list on this blog or likely even articulate, but amongst those reasons is their ability to consider my kids at holidays and then take those considerations a step further and create/put together special little things for them. Auntie Angel sent a fun little Valentine package and the girls were uber excited about opening it before breakfast on Valentines morning.
Kennedy was most excited about her lip gloss and nail polish (complete with lip stencils to put the design on her nails). *Don't for one second think that she didn't ask me to paint those lip stencil designs on her nails like a gajillion times each day until I did!
Avery got this darling little bow made by some talented soul (seriously!) and I can't wait for her to wear it.
Next up were cards from their Nana and Pawpaw who are always so incredibly thoughtful and also send little packages from time to time which excites my girls to no end.
These two love a musical card more than I can tell you - it's a riot. Avery was thrilled(clearly) when she realized that her's had "Minnow" aka Minnie on it.

These little gems were also in their package - they are virtually ring pops with a lips instead of a ring. Too funny!

They were so tickled with these and kept wanting t see the pictures I was taking.
Smoochie, smoochie!
After Avery woke up from her nap we headed over to Jennifer's house to do some crafts and baking. Kennedy and I had made two batches of sugar cookies the day before (one batch we made for icing and the other they could cut out together and decorate). I also took some M&M blondies that were to.die.for. First up, they did a craft involving broken crayons and a heart silicone baker.
and voila ~ cute little heart shaped multi-colored crayons: thank you Pinterest!
next in line was the cutting out and decorating of the sugar cookies: always fun!
It was a sprinkletastic mess, but they had fun together and that's all that matters.
While our cookies baked and after the Daddies arrived, we all had supper and then got to icing the cookies K and I baked the day before.
After the cookies were iced, we all made our selections and enjoyed the "fruits" of our labor. It was a great Valentines Day full of love.


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  2. I totally failed. I meant to have Adalyn send the girls valentines and totally forgot until after the fact. Oh mommy brain:(