Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Valentines

As if I needed an excuse to bake with my girls! They L.O.V.E. to help their Momma!
but mostly helping = licking the beaters or spoon or whatever other taste testing they can do while "helping"
Avery said "I'na sit in yap Ke Ke" and big sister obliged.
Love this picture of Avery - she was so serious about her job of putting the Peanut butter blossom dough balls in this heart shaped mold pan - love her little dimply hands.
Oh the anticipation of how the finished product will be.
Between baking  times, I took the opportunity to try to snap some Valentine's Day pictures of the kids in their red and pink.
Maggie and Catherine made these scarves a couple of years ago and I love pulling them out each year - so sweet.

 ~be still my heart~
Avery is always on the move - I usually end up just not even trying to get her to sit still. Years from now we'll look back and see the true Avery!
Although these are Valentine pictures, I took quite a few of Grey because he just turned 6 months old and I wanted to document that milestone as well.
Real men wear pink! 

He's all about his toes lately!
and his fists too....I'm expecting a tooth any day now!
This boy adores his sisters...especially the one that gives him the time of day: guess which one.

I have some pretty sweet and lovable Valentines if I do say so myself.


  1. I love his happy baby pose! I try to do that in yoga and I don't look happy or nor can I touch my toes! Such precious shots! Glad you are taking pictures! They grow soo fast!!

  2. Love these! <3 <3 <3

  3. Too cute! I miss baking with you and Kennedy, and I bet adding Avery in there just makes it more fun. Grey looks so much like Kennedy in the face when she was his age.

  4. Mmmmm I love your Valentines! And the pics of Grey for Valentine's day are great!!