Friday, February 15, 2013

Shut it Chelsea!

Lest one of my dearest of friends "louds me out" on Facebook again, I figured I'd take some down time tonight to get a blog up ;).
I mean, with all the bon bon eating and relaxing and stuff I just haven't prioritized documenting like I should....sigh.

I've been trying to do better about taking pictures of the little man. He is such a happy little thing but the poor boy is in jammies 80% of his life and my hands always seem to be too full to grab the camera like I did with the girls. I love his little smile and the way his eyes get squinty and I love his gummy grins!
 Years from now, I swear I'm going to look back at most of my pictures of Avery and just giggle because she's just funny...she does funny things and I'm thankful that I have sweet little pictures like this to remind me:
 We are aiming to take her pacifier away on or around her 2nd birthday which will be here before we know it. She currently gets her pacifier for night time and nap time and that is it. What this reduced pacifier regimen = NON STOP TALKING! Last week she decided she'd improvise and has been walking around with plastic play pacifiers in her mouth - I'm tellin' y'all - she is a mess!
 My days anymore are pretty routine and pretty scheduled: wake up, snuggle on couch while feeding baby, change diapers, fix breakfast, get dressed (all 4 of us), go to gym/Bible study/Mops (depending on day), have lunch, babies down for nap and K and I do home school, babies up from nap, snack time, outside time or play time until dinner prep/Daddy gets home, bath/story/prayer and bedtime. After the kids are in bed I usually run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to be as productive as possible until I can do no more and I collapse in bed. Then...I.DO.IT.ALL.OVER.AGAIN the next day, and - I wouldn't rather be doing anything else! Anyhow - usually once Tim gets home he rough houses with the kids while I finish dinner prep and sometimes we have some free time to play before bath time and bed time routine but usually I'm with Grey or cleaning the kitchen after dinner and Tim's with the girls. Every now and then Grey takes a late nap and I get to play with the girls but it's not often that a)Grey is napping then and b)I have the energy to participate in said rough housing. Here recently I did  participate and my hubs caught it on film (which I am thankful for although I'm not a huge fan of pics of myself in my "mommy uniform"...aka sweats or yoga pants).
 ~silly girls~

 Last week my best friend from middle-high school, Allison, came to visit with her daughter Betty. We had a great time socializing and playing and I took a few pictures of them because like me...she's always on the other side of the camera. I love her little smile in this picture.
 Just another spontaneous play moment caught on film - she was microwaving her pretend Valentine's chocolates which she calls "Choca". What you cant see is that she would press the button and then kick each leg as if patiently waiting on her "choca" to cook and then she'd open the microwave door and run it over to me and say "heh go Momma".
 Brace yourself for some sweet baby action:

Next up I'll be sharing the 962 Valentine pictures I took over the course of three days. I'm such a SUCKER for all things holiday! Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. HAHAHAHA I love that Chels called you's hoping no one has seen how long it's been since I've posted. And I love the pictures of your kids. Um, do you have glasses on in the rough-housing pics??????????? Have I known you all this time and seen you in so many ways but never known you to wear glasses??? Right..why am I stuck on this. Weird, I know. Ok, I love you and your babies.

    1. You are correct Neenie! I was having some crazy problems with my they were jumping uncontrollably when I was reading (really strange) and so I went to have my eyes checked and they recommended glasses. I'm happy to report they have 100% solved the problem. You know me well enough that you'd have known that for sure - they are all new.

  2. Thanks Chelsea for getting onto her and louding her out...I've missed these posts and pictures of the precious children!! heehee!! Grey is such a handsome little man and of course the girls are beautiful! Love you girl!

  3. so sweet! I'm with Chelsea- an update was needed! Greyson is so precious! And I love how much the girls love him! so sweet!

  4. I love the rough housing photos!! So much fun, even when you don't feel like doing it, your kids will remember it!

  5. Those pics of G... precious!! I just want to squeeze him!