Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkins, Bugs & Candy, Oh my!

We were late getting out to the pumpkin patch this year. For one thing, I've been trying to fit it into Greyson's schedule (you know, the one that he doesn't really have;). On top of the whole nonexistent schedule to work around, I hadn't a clue of where to go around here since we're still new to the area and all. I finally decided on a little farm close by that serves more as an educational experience than a fun filled pumpkin patch kind of thing (no slides, mazes, etc.). Although this farm hadn't elected to turn their ability to grow pumpkins into a money making, mass entertaining, party planning, kid crazy amusement park - the girls really enjoyed it.

We kicked things off with a hayride to the animal barn:
In the dairy barn we met Sweetie the Holstein dairy cow. We got to learn all about how Sweetie made milk and we got to see her be milked. Kennedy was most tickled that the farm hand then fed Sweeties milk to the barn dog.

 Avery just pretty much "mooed" the ENTIRE time we were in the barn. So much for being quiet so that Sweetie wasn't disturbed during milking. Ha!
 After our visit with Sweetie, we then moved on to the animal barn where we got to feed and pet sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and a Mama cow and her calf.
 After our animal barn time we had another hayride back to the pumpkin area where we all got to pick a pumpkin.
 So proud of her pick!
 A fun day together at the farm!
 This sweet little peanut slept the entire time, but I wanted his precious outfit from his Auntie Abby to be documented.
Kennedy and her Daddy attended a Creepy Crawly Halloween Celebration at the local nature center the week prior to Halloween week. I realized the day of the event that there was to be a costume contest. Holy think fast and throw something together! Because we had one of her cousins old flower girl dresses in our dress-up repertoire, we went with that concept. I think she ended up looking pretty cute and we had everything she wore in our stash of play items (can't beat free!)
She was most excited about their "date", which to her is anything that involves she and her Daddy alone. Sweetness.
They got to hold some creepy, crawly, creatures (snail pictured).
flipped over logs to look for more creepy crawlers
 walking through the woods looking for more bugs
 They even got to paint a pumpkin...this may have  been her favorite part! As soon as they got home she came right in the house asking if we could put it out on the porch and of course I said "yes!"
For Halloween evening we went to Melissa and Steve's neighborhood so we could Trick or Treat with them and just hang out. Her neighborhood association had a little costume contest/parade prior to trick or treat.
At the conclusion of the parade and prior to heading out to trick or treat, we got some family photos! Here are Jessie from Toy Story and my little butterfly.

 My sister got her craft on and turned Declan into BamBam (it's more fitting than you can even imagine!)

 Avery was really into trick or treating. She was in no hurry to get between houses, so keeping up with Kennedy was a tad difficult. Her order of events went a little something like this: look at house, walk slowly up to door, stick her hand into bowl multiple times and bowl owner couldn't resist her cuteness and therefore allowed her to have seconds, thirds and fourths, she then would eek out the sweetest "thank you" ever followed by about 5 or 12 "bye's" accompanied with pudgy hand waving and then she'd survey her newest loot before toddling back down the driveway. Of course there was plenty of time to look at leaves as well:
 Kennedy was so incredibly patient with her and waited for her at most of the houses. She would shout out "this is my baby sister Avery - she's a butterfly". I'm not sure if she was proud or just didn't want Avery to steal her thunder but either way I thought it was cute.

 Eventually Tim and I had to help her get up to each house because she just couldn't keep up with big sister and her uber excitement over all the candy.

Taking their first taste test!
Before heading back home we jammied the kids up and Avery had some Uncle Steve lap/reading time with her cousin. Presh!
 Greyson didn't really dress up but he did rock a really sweet Halloween sleeper and pair of pumpkin mittens. How cute is Declan wanting to be all close and snuggley?
 I am Bam Bam!
 Sweet baby!

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  1. What a fun Halloween you guys had. The girls were ADORABLE in their costumes :-) Greyson was exceptionally handsome in his pumpkin attire!