Wednesday, October 31, 2012

They are precious in His sight

Not this past weekend, but the weekend prior we had Greyson dedicated at Elevation Church, where we've been attending for a while now. It was crazy trying to get us all dressed and decent looking for the service, but we were blessed to have Courtney, Tammy and Chelsea here that weekend not only to help us that morning but to celebrate with us as well....very special. Let the picture sharing begin!

I had to share this one because just when we got everyone in place and ready, Greyson spit up everywhere: awesome! A day in the life....I'm constantly wearing spit up as an accessory.
I'm not sure why Kennedy is like stone cold Steve Austin in this picture but whatev...they're all looking and that deserves posting. It's crazy how much I feel like my kiddos favor each other. Tim and I clearly have some strong genes.


They made sure in all the information emails sent out prior to the ceremony that parents were aware this was going to be a kid/family friendly event and it really was (kiddie size glass containers filled with goldfish, chocolate animal crackers and fruit puffs).
It was so nice to have Melissa and Declan there to share in the special event. Yet another blessing of living closer to family because none of my family members have been able to share in any of my kids dedication services and I'm thankful that this time was different in that regard.
This church handled dedications a little differently than we were used to but it was a really cool different. They had each set of parents watch a video about trying to imagine the think about where you want your child to be when they leave you...what you want their heart to be like and who you desire for them to become. We were tasked with writing a letter to our child expressing those desires for them. At the dedication ceremony we shared our letter with our family and friends. As awkward as it can be to share your heart at times, I was happy to share with some of those closest to us and I am happy that we will have a copy of this letter to share with him later in life.
After the ceremony I got picture happy (shocking, I know). These little outfits the girls are wearing are from Matilda Jane. Unfortunately Matilda Jane is a tad out of my price range so I rarely get to purchase MJ outfits, but every now and then I get invited to a party and when I do I try to purchase pieces that I think will last a long time. I will say that in my experience with the few MJ pieces I own - they are quality and oh my heavens are they cute too.

My Mom purchased these sweet little shoes for Greyson's coming home outfit but they didn't fit then like they do now...they were precious!

The ceremony was really special...I felt like all the thinking ahead of time just kind of "got our minds right" so to speak about what we really were declaring and it just felt it should. We are so blessed and thankful that we've been given the responsibility to raise these little people and lead them to the Lord. 


  1. Love the photos and I LOVE the Matilda Jane dresses!! I so wish I had a little girl to dress up! They make the cutest clothes! (Although, like you said, can't afford them)
    I've been missing your posts!! Always enjoy reading!

  2. Sweet pictures. Love the MJ outfits. Looks like it was a special day!

  3. Three beautiful people, I might add! Your family is gorgeous and while your babies all favor each other, I feel like they really have their own special characteristics, too. Sweet kiddos....cannot wait to see them all! And you too!! What a wonderful day!