Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sisters & Friends

I adore everything about watching the relationship between my girls develop, change and grow. I don't know if I'm so in love with it because I love them both so dearly, and so naturally as their mother I want them to love each other too. Maybe it's because I am so very blessed to have amazing sisters of my own (whom I cannot even begin to imagine life without). Regardless - it's precious. Currently, Avery is interested in EVERYTHING that Kennedy is interested in. She mimics the way she dances, the way she eats, the way she brushes her teeth, and anything else she's able to mimic. Kennedy loves all things creative - coloring, crafting, gluing, cutting, etc. My refrigerator (inside and outside) is literally covered in Halloween "decorations" she's made for me. Because she's been so busy coloring - Avery has wanted to join in.

Thankfully, Kennedy is an incredible big sister - not only to Avery but to her baby brother too. She asks often if she can hold him. This past week she was holding him and he was sitting perfectly contented in her arms and she began just rocking back and forth (undoubtedly because she's been watching me) and he just drifted off to sleep.

Avery wants to be sure that Kennedy knows that her lap should mainly be for her, and so as soon as brother moved and Kennedy switched chairs Avery moved in. 
I mentioned in my last posting that all of our critters are back with us and I think Kennedy may be more excited than anyone. Well...maybe she and I are tied ;). I missed them even more than I knew and now that they are all back it feels like we are complete again. Tim's parents have had our dogs and my dear friend Courtney has had our kitty Sylvester. Oh my word what a blessing their hospitality has been - don't know what we would have done without their willingness to care for our four legged children while we got situated. Every night Kennedy has requested permission to walk the dogs and we've happily obliged.
This past weekend Courtney, Chelsea and Tammy came to visit and bring Sylvester back to us. My girls were on cloud nine with those girls here. They were most excited to introduce Chelsea to their cardboard creation...aka fort.
Tammy was a favorite around here all weekend - both Avery and Kennedy gave her all kinds of snuggles. I have a feeling if she lived closer girls would be mighty spoiled by her :).
~oh my heavenly sweetness - seriously...the love~
I think my dogs may have been equally as happy to be reunited with Courtney as they were with me. Check out Molly's "I'm in heaven" face!
I've been trying to talk to Sylvester daily about how I'm his mother, not Courtney and it's time for him to start acting like it. He's been staring and meowing outside of our guest bedroom door on and off since she left - NOT KIDDING. I've opened it a few times just to show him that it's empty. Courtney has some kind of crazy animal magnetism. I keep telling them (dogs and cats) that I saved them all and even have my degree in how to care for them. Just because they've been spoiled the past few months doesn't erase all the years I've cared for them - Sheesh!  Thank goodness I love em' like my kiddos.
I tried to convince Chelsea to come back and Nanny for free. I'm not sure what I would do if she took me up on it, but it would be AWESOME...she's not lost her touch!

Having some extra hands around made it easier to do some things specifically with Kennedy. We straight up broke out Twister and it was a riot. This game will be even more fun one day with Kennedy can get her left and right straight...oh my. 
This is way, way harder at 32 than it was at like 10. Shocking revelation - I know, but I'm just sayin'. Tons of laughter was shared during this game. The $1.00 I spent on it at a yard sale 5 years ago was completely and totally worth the fun we had.

It was so fun having them all here for the weekend. Greyson was dedicated on Saturday morning and it was really special to share that event with good friends. Pictures to come from the service soon.

On Sunday morning we rose early to tag along with Chelsea for one of her training runs. Courtney was a trooper and did the entire 14 miles, and Tammy and I wrapped up the last 5 with them. That run was my first since early on in my pregnancy with Greyson and boy did I feel it later that afternoon. I was seriously sore in places I don't know if I've ever been sore in before. I did it though (btw...the plan was to do 3 and the reason that turned into 5 is way more information that you'd care to have) and now I know I can keep on keepin' on. I got up bright and early yesterday morning and did about 2.5 and then went walking tonight. Baby weight be gone!


  1. Again, let the barrage of comments fill your screen:
    I really hope my boys have the same love for each other that your sweet girls do. It is so so so sweet.. And Kennedy and baby bro, well I commented on your FB about this pic, but it brings tears to my eyes how presh it is.
    I am jealous. ;) I wish I could have been there, hold babies and play Twister (not at the same time, hopefully!)...and meet Grey, and see your house, and, and, and.... But I am glad that they all got to go and you had good laughs!
    Court and her animal-whispering...I am certain Oscar would do ANYTHING to live with her!!
    And you are a ROCKSTAR runner. And , again, I am jealous. And proud.
    I sound like a horrible friend with all this jealousy! Hahaha but it's not ugly's "I want to be there, too, but am proud/happy for you" jealousy. Does that still sound bad? Well, you know my heart. I love you!

  2. I kind of hate you. 5 miles really?? I'm jealous. I wish I could get myself back out there!! Love the sibling pictures. So so sweet! I can't wait to see them all in person soon!!! :)